11 Companies Disrupting Real Estates in 2022

11 Companies Disrupting Real Estates in 2022

PropTech refers to real estate startups that offer technologically advanced goods or new business methods. Real estate companies are redefining and revolutionizing the entire business using technological developments. Some real estate businesses aim to use technology to replace real estate agents, while others provide help through new and creative tools and services. Real estate startups are a new type of company that brings significant changes to the real estate industry.

The top 11 real estate startups in the world

Real estate firms have developed solutions that take full advantage of the industry’s digital change, from renting houses to purchasing offices.

1. Triplemint

The goal of this real estate startup is to give individuals all across the world a brighter, more direct, and more personalized real estate experience. Their technological prowess is focused on delivering a robust search engine with improved access to pre-market properties.

Triplemint also provides more inventive results for their consumers by employing predictive analytics to forecast market trends and provide the best possible matches.

2. Zumper

Zumper is a real estate firm that is revolutionizing the rental market. Zumper has built North America’s largest rental platform, allowing customers to make renting an apartment as simple as booking a hotel room.

Furthermore, their service allows customers to receive real-time notifications when a property that fulfills their criteria is posted on the market. Zumper is one of the most popular rental platforms in the United States, with over 75 million customers per year. This real estate firm aspires to be the end-to-end marketplace for rental properties from start to finish.

3. Rentberry

Rentberry is a real estate business that reimagines the renting experience by making it 100% digital. All of the regular daily chores for the rental process are made contact-free by making it digital and automated.

Rentberry allows you to complete the entire leasing procedure, from inputting personal information to eSigning rental agreements. Rentberry is the world’s first closed-loop rental platform, making the renting process more transparent and efficient.

You may also conduct virtual tours using Rentberry’s personalized offer function. Furthermore, they digitize the rent bargaining process by providing tenants with direct contact with landlords.

4. Roofstock

Roofstock’s objective is to take control of investment real estate that is radically accessible, simple, and cost-effective.

Roofstock created a platform that allows anybody, from first-time investors to global asset managers, to analyze, purchase, and own residential investment properties openly and honestly. Additionally, this may be done from anywhere in the world. The real estate startup just crossed $4 billion in purchases due to such a daring approach.

5. WiredScore

The following real estate firm on our list, WiredScore, is on a quest to create the global standard for home technology. They produced the WiredScore accreditation to adhere to their fundamental principles. Landlords can use their digital connectivity certification system to evaluate, upgrade, benchmark, and advertise their properties.

6. NoBroker

NoBroker is a real estate startup on a quest to eliminate the middleman vital to many businesses. NoBroker, the world’s largest no-brokerage site, allows users to purchase, sell, and rent their homes without paying brokerage fees.

7. GetAgent

This company focuses on the agents, particularly transparently locating the most significant potential real estate agent for its clients. As a result, they’ve developed an online platform where people can find the best agents for their needs. 

8. Flyhome 

Purchasing real estate isn’t superficial; it may rapidly become complicated and costly. Flyhomes, on the other hand, is a real estate startup that is altering that. This is best demonstrated by their goal of ultimately simplifying the purchasing process. This real estate startup, in particular, assists customers throughout the entire buying process.

9. Morty

Nowadays, it’s challenging to obtain a cheap mortgage, especially when choosing so many options. Morty aims to make it easier for homebuyers to obtain and finance their purchases online. They are an internet mortgage broker that assists first-time homebuyers in a nutshell. They’ve created a platform that allows customers to compare, shop for, and close loans from any lender via the internet.

10. EasyKnock

EasyKnock is a real estate startup that makes transferring residences easier. They allow homeowners to sell their homes without moving out right away. As a result of their creative sale-leaseback model, they could complete this procedure. Essentially, the corporation purchases the house from the consumer and permits them to remain as renters, giving them time and money to resolve their issues.

11. Badi

Badi is an AI-powered platform revolutionizing the real estate industry. They have created a trustworthy network where people can book hotel rooms quickly and securely. Bookings and online payments are also made easier for users.


In our list, we mention all of these real estate startups. These firms are developing new business models and rethinking whole consumer journeys, from renting to acquiring mortgages. We’re pretty interested in watching how their achievements inspire even more innovation in the real estate business.


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