A Quick Review of Second State: Everything you need to know

Second State is a Venture Capital-backed startup with offices in the USA, Taiwan, China, and Australia. Second State offers cloud-based services and professional support for the WasmEdge Runtime. 


In this article, you will get a deeper insight into this software that caters to all of the developers out there. Are you interested to find out more about Second State? Continue reading to find out more! 

First, let us see what Second State has to offer to its users. 

WasmEdge – A Virtual Machine Created By Second State 

WasmEdge (formerly SSVM) is a lite, high-speed, and extensible WebAssembly runtime. It is a popular WebAssembly runtime for cloud-native, SaaS, edge, blockchain applications and decentralized apps.

WasmEdge is advertised as a mission critical code runtime for Edge computing and software defined vehicles. It was developed with a goal to cut development time and complexity by a factor of ten. 

WasmEdge is a CNCF-hosted sandbox project. Serverless apps, embedded functionality, microservices, smart contracts, and IoT devices are among the use cases. It is currently the fastest Wasm VM. 

WasmEdge Runtime gives its embedded WebAssembly bytecode application a well-defined execution sandbox. Operating system resources such as file system, sockets, environment variables, processes and memory space are isolated and protected by the runtime.  

WasmEdge is widely used for safely executing user-defined or community contributed code as plug-ins in a software product. It allows third-party developers, vendors, suppliers, and members of the community to extend and personalize the programme.  

Now that you got to know a little more about Second State, it is now time to get to know about the features it offers. 


What are the features of WasmEdge?

Second State is one of the most used softwares in the market by the leading companies and the developers. It offers many unique features. Let us have a glance through all of the features:

  • It is currently one of the fastest WebAssembly VMs available in the market 
  • WasmEdge feature extensions: 
    • OffersTensorflow inference 
    • Has as a Key-value storage
    • Database connector
    • It has gas meters for resource constraints
    • Offers Network sockets (Rust and JavaScript SDKs)
    • Has Async polling for Rust Future and JS async. 
  • Offers Cloud native management and orchestration
    • Offers CRI-O and Kubernetes compatibility
    • Supports Sidecar apps in Kubernetes-based service meshes
    • You can use WasmEdge as a sidecar for Distributed Application Runtime microservices.
  • Offers Cross-platform support
    • Supports Linux OSes dated back to 2010 for both x86 and ARM CPUs
    • Supports Mac OS X and Windows.
    • Supports Microkernel and RTOS 
  • Offers Easy extensibility
    • You can build customized runtimes with native functions in C or GO
  • Easy to embed into a host application
    • You can embed WasmEdge functions in C, Go, Rust, Node.js and Python host applications
    • Has embedded function runtime for service mesh proxies (e.g., proxy-wasm for Envoy and MOSN proxies.
  • Runs JavaScript: 
    • Offers ES6 module and std API support.
    • Offers support in incorporating JS APIs in Rust.
    • With WasmEdge, you can also import C native shared library functions as JS functions. 

What are the various applications offered by Second State?

Second State software provides mainly four different applications namely – Automotive infrastructure, Jamstack Web Applications, SaaS and PaaS, and Blockchains. Let us now look at how each of these can help the developers. 

Automotive infrastructure

To safely execute software programmes from the ecosystem on a central computer, software-defined vehicles require virtualized runtimes. The runtime isolation decreases the complexity of integration and operation for automakers. The virtualized runtime allows parts manufacturers to “write once and execute on any car.”  

Second State is working on a runtime sandbox for automotive applications that is real-time, predictable, and efficient. It is entirely open-source and is already being used by major auto manufacturers. 

Jamstack Web Apps

The new generation’s web programmes have frequently created front ends that connect with APIs on the backend using the Jamstack. The WasmEdge is fantastic for using serverless functions to run backend API services. 

The WasmEdge is excellent for using serverless functions to run backend API services. It’s quick, secure, low-maintenance, and cross-platform, and it’s simple to implement on edge networks for high performance. Developers can instantly use a serverless API by uploading their code to WasmEdge-powered cloud services. 

SaaS and PaaS

Extensibility is a critical requirement for modern Software as a Service platform. APIs for external applications are provided by SaaS products via HTTP requests and callbacks.  

With this simpler approach, you can upload your code straight to the SaaS platform. You will not be required to maintain callback servers.  

In those SaaS or PaaS platforms, the WasmEdge provides a secure and high-performance runtime for external programmes. 


Smart contracts on the blockchain are trustless and serverless by definition. WebAssembly is actually the runtime for contemporary blockchain smart contracts.

Ewasm is a collaborative effort with Ethereum Classic to introduce Ethereum, the world’s first and largest smart contract platform, to WebAssembly. WasmEdge is one of the most popular Ewasm implementations, and it’s already being used by major public blockchains.

WasmEdge For Web Developers

You can Fork or Clone Template Github Repo

Inference in AI is a relatively intensive job that could considerably benefit from Rust and WebAssembly’s efficiency. For running TensorFlow models, the WasmEdge provides a WASI-like API. The WasmEdge Runtime expands the WASI concept to allow WebAssembly programmes to use native Tensorflow libraries.

Deploy to Second State Functions

Second State Functions is a serverless function-as-a-service that is open to the public (FaaS). In WasmEdge, computationally challenging functions are safely executed. 

With the help of FaaS, you can create a static web page with FaaS functions as backend services. Also, there is no need to set up servers to do so. 

With FaaS, you can:

  • Create custom watermarks
  • Add watermarks to the image
  • Enable face detection in an email
  • Send email messages via the SendGrid API. 
  • Classify an input image. 

You can visit their official website and take demos and learn from their instructive tutorials. 


Second State is one of the hidden-gems companies that deserve more attention than they’re getting. Having a futuristic approach, the Second State could be a giant in IT technology if they continue their journey towards innovation and simplicity.

Hence, we can conclude by saying that Second State’s WebAssembly virtual machine is a must-try for all the coders and miners out there; indeed, your time and effort will be reduced to a whole lot. Do you use Second State? Let us know in the comments section!

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