5 Decentralized Gaming Platforms to Start a Business

Blockchain technology is making inroads into various industries, from banking to healthcare, but the gaming business has been the most transformative. Due to the incorporation of crypto and blockchain technology into the digital domain of the gaming industry, gaming is now the world’s most significant and fastest expanding entertainment business. The blockchain gaming business developed from a zero-value market to $3 billion in 2021. Furthermore, by 2025, it is expected to reach $39.7 billion. The blockchain gaming sector has attracted over 1.5 million gamers worldwide, thanks to NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) creation capabilities and free-to-play and play-to-earn models. Blockchain gaming, cryptocurrency gaming, play2earn, and everything else related to it are still in their infancy. The convergence between crypto, blockchain technology, and gaming seemed almost inevitable, and now that it’s happened, it’s gaining traction quickly. However, there are so many existing and aspiring blockchain gaming firms and hundreds, if not thousands, of new initiatives that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Top Decentralized Gaming Platforms to start a Business:

CreoEngine is a decentralized mobile gaming platform that allows game developers and gamers to earn money by participating in various activities within the CreoEngine ecosystem, thereby bringing developers and players from all over the world together under the CreoEngine ecosystem’s healthy ecosystem. The CreoEngine platform enables game creators to build and benefit from their games as they distribute them to the CreoEngine user base and give intriguing income opportunities for players through their high-quality mobile games. The CreoEngine platform includes an in-house game studio, bringing together a team of specialists and artists to create engaging mobile games. In addition, CreoEngine incorporates blockchain technology into its gaming platform to make it decentralized, giving developers and gamers complete control over their mobile games and digital assets. The Non-Fungible Token (NFT), a unit of data recorded on the blockchain, verifies that a digital asset is unique and not interchangeable, will be used by CreoEngine. The most intriguing aspect of NFT is that they can be recorded on the blockchain to offer evidence of ownership to the user while avoiding the usage of third parties or mediators.

Polygon has announced a strategic agreement with Autonomous Worlds, the startup behind the Xaya blockchain gaming platform, to bring decentralized gaming infrastructure to Polygon’s Ethereum sidechain. Games created with Xaya are entirely immersive and feature-rich, depending on blockchain to safeguard accounts and provide fair outcomes. The blockchain can support real-time games with quick settlement and infinite transaction capabilities because of Xaya’s Game Channels technology, a type of side-channels tailored for gaming. Polygon’s relationship expands the reach of Xaya-powered games and makes them more accessible. Combining a highly scalable sidechain with the Xaya architecture substantially expands the scalability potential and reach after high gas prices effectively drove blockchain games out of Ethereum.

DEXPARK and DEXPO are the two primary locations of the DEXGame Metaverse. DEXPARK, which contains the Game Zone & Arena, Gamer-Team Tokens Exchange, NFT Gallery, and IDO Platform, is meant for gamers and investors and is created and operated by DEXGame. DEXPO is an open-world environment that houses game developers, digital artists, gaming industry software and hardware businesses, game equipment providers, and investment firms (VC, Business Angel Network, etc.). DEXGame will supply the technology backbone, while the users will be in charge of the building. In addition to bringing together all stakeholders, DEXPO will include the IDO Platform, investment centers, game equipment stores, and computer hardware stores. DEXGame will bring together gamers, artists, entrepreneurs, and investors by creating DEXPARK, which will be created and operated over the next few years. DEXPO will evolve into a collaborative gaming environment in the long run, increasing interaction amongst various stakeholders as the game’s meeting point. DEXGame is a “social playground” that allows virtual world users and stakeholders to engage. The DEXGame team created a decentralized and unstoppable platform, administered by the community, with its currency and ecosystem, which contributes to the gaming environment, thanks to the blockchain-based decentralized finance model and the financial currency DXGM token.

Gaming is a distributed game platform that facilitates the production of new games while also making it more straightforward to exchange essential data in the game, such as objects, guns, and armor. Items, weapons, armors, and other game assets will be delivered to the market as GAME Hub tokens with unique identifiers, allowing for transactions without the use of third parties. GAME creates new value for data because the tokens do not belong to the game operator, unlike traditional centralized game structures. In the future, the new value generated in virtual space has the potential to become more realistic, resulting in a more excellent economy. However, ordinary Ethereum-based blockchain games are insufficient to provide a positive user experience. Therefore, GAME will create its PoS-based blockchain for gaming platform apps using tender mint. The use of a high-throughput blockchain for games would significantly increase usability.

Ulti is a platform that uses its marketplace and innovative features to enable gamers, artists, and developers better monetize their work. It’s the world’s first NFT Marketplace for Game Assets, and it prioritizes the ability to trace digital asset usage on a blockchain network. It enables the tokenization and exchange of in-game assets, for starters. Skins, tools, and even characters have been traded for years within and outside of the gaming world, but with Ulti’s marketplace; these assets can be securely sold with proper, irrefutable records of ownership transfers, as well as increased revenue for the developers and artists who created the assets.

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