7 Alternatives to Kirki WordPress Plugin

kirki plugin

Kirki plugin is a new free plugin that enhances the WordPress customizer with additional features such as the ability to design it, create your own custom header, and incorporate more complicated custom buttons. It’s essentially a customizer’s foundation.

It was built by Aristeides Stathopoulos, the designer of the Shoestrap theme for WordPress. He created it to allow theme makers to spend less time implementing custom controls and more time designing attractive, user-friendly themes.

Kirki plugin is a free and open-source application. It can access on GitHub and can download from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

This plugin was built to accomplish one thing: extend the Customizer. While many theme options frameworks add a new panel to the admin, Kirki was built to do just that. Because Kirki doesn’t brand itself or add anything else to the WordPress admin, you won’t even notice it’s there if you’re using a theme powered by it.

kirki plugin

Kirki plugin has over a dozen distinct fields that you can use to construct complex controls, like multi-check checkboxes, jQuery Slider U.I. sliders, button sets, layout selection, etc.


It has great features to it. Some of them are its Increased Performance, Simplified API, Automatic CSS Generation, Automatic postMessage Generation, Partial Refresh, Conditional Logic, GDPR Compliance, Improved Page Speed & more!

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Alternatives to kirki Plugin

Following are the alternatives to the kirki plugin-

Customizer Framework

The WordPress Customizer framework is a lightweight and simple-to-use framework. Based on the control type, it automatically sanitizes settings. Customizer settings, including sophisticated control kinds, can register using a simple and accessible API. Removes the time-consuming job of writing each Customizer setting, control, and sanitization function.

customizer framework

The framework may be utilized by both plugins and themes, albeit any plugin settings will be exclusive to the active theme because the settings are saved as theme modifications at this time. Option type settings will be supported in the future.

This plugin is presently in beta, and it may undergo significant modifications as it matures.


Developers may use Customify to easily add complex theme-specific settings within the WordPress Customizer. Additionally, users can make presentational adjustments using these settings without knowing or editing the theme code.


This plugin can help in conjunction with Pixelgrade themes. So studying how one of Pixelgrade’s themes combines with it is the ideal approach to become acquainted with its potential.

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Custom Login Page Customizer – Login Designer

You shouldn’t have to pay a developer to change the login page on your website. That’s why Login Designer is created. The greatest WordPress login customizer plugin.

login designer

Although Login Designer wasn’t the first WordPress plugin for creating custom login pages, it does provide a superior live-editing experience.

Customizer Export/Import Plugin

The Customizer Export/Import plugin allows you to export and import WordPress customizer settings right from the customizer interface! This plugin is for you if your theme makes use of the WordPress customizer for its settings.

kirki plugin

Previously, the Customizer Export/Import plugin only exported settings saved as theme modifications using the get theme mods function. However, that is no longer the case! The Customizer Export/Import plugin now exports option settings as well!

Responsive Customizer plugin

The WordPress Responsive Customizer plugin adds the option to see a responsive preview of your website while you’re customizing your theme to your customizer preview area. The plugin offers a wide range of display resolutions organized by device types, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

responsive customizer plugin

You may change the resolution to view how your website will seem on a real device. You may also swap between portrait and landscape modes.

Central Color Palette plugin

This plugin lets you control a site-wide core color palette for a consistent appearance and feel. It supports the original editor and the palette of the new block editor and the Theme Customizer. You may change the primary color palette in the settings area. Besides, this plugin is beneficial for any WordPress plugin that makes use of the color picker.

central color palette plugin

Central color palette plugin supports WordPress multi-site setup. This plugin also replaces the basic editor’s color picker for selecting a text or background color with a larger and more customizable color grid.

You may export and import your palette settings and colors for easy migration between WordPress installations.

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Organic Builder Widgets

It is a straightforward WordPress page builder plugin that includes a set of 12 unique widgets for usage in the Customizer. On any page, the widgets appear as full-width content sections. It turns the default WordPress customizer into a free and simple page builder. 

kirki plugin

Unlike other page builders, our approach makes use of the familiar customizer interface and widget native capability. As a result, it is quick, simple, and secure. There are no shortcodes, too many choices, unclear interfaces, or vendor lock-in. Furthermore, the plugin can work with nearly any theme! It’s a simple WordPress page construction solution like it should be.

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