AI Companies Aiming to Launch IPO in 2022 (International)

ai ipos

In 2021, the frequency of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) skyrocketed, meanwhile also increasing the number of AI IPOs. Analysts believe that increasing ambiguity for firms wanting to list on Exchanges will linger this year, although this will not automatically slow down the rate at which corporations go public—for good or bad.

As per EY’s annual worldwide IPO study, 2,388 trades were present last year, up 64% from 2020, generating $453 billion in assets. In the United States on its own, there were 416 listings.

ai ipos

Artificial intelligence (AI) and low-code/no-code technologies are revolutionizing program design. In 2022, the AI software industry may grow by 21.3 percent to $62.5 billion. Covid-19 has ushered in a technological revolution, putting artificial intelligence at the helm of most corporate operations. Subsequently, a lot of AI IPOs may launch this year. 

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AI IPOs in 2022

1. Graphcore, a producer of AI chips, has received $222 million at a worth of $2.77 billion. According to Mizuho Securities, SambaNova is yet another high-growth AI rival. Hailo raised $136 million in a fresh fundraising phase in October.

2. Rappi is a SoftBank-backed on-demand service business. It is now active in 9 countries and has more than $5 billion market capitalization. Executives for the business have indicated a 2022 IPO in the United States. If it does go public in 2022, it will almost certainly be one of the most high-profile Latin American IPOs in the United States.

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3. Fintechs had ruled venture fundraising in Nigeria from 2019 when three fintech received $350 million in a single week. Although Flutterwave has been rumored to be considering a listing in the United States for almost one year, cashless transactions in Nigeria have soared, surpassing $256 billion in 2019. Flutterwave is planning to go public in 2022, with Tiger Global as one of its primary backers. The company has worth $1 billion.

4. Xiaohongshu, a popular image-based online networking website, has grown to become a leading e-commerce gateway with more than 200 million monthly engaged members and a market capitalization of greater than $18 billion. Even though Chinese regulatory authorities tightened their examination of businesses listing internationally, mandating enterprises with information on more than a million Chinese consumers to undertake a rigorous protection evaluation. The Tencent and Temasek-backed Instagram competitor is anticipated to list in Hong Kong instead of the United States.

ai ipos trends

5. Following obtaining a $1.6 billion Series H led by Morgan Stanley’s Counterpoint Global in August. Databricks reached a post-money worth of $38 billion, barely seven months since collecting $1 billion at a $28 billion estimate. Databrikcs, which now has secured a total of $3.6 billion in funding. it develops solutions and technologies that allow businesses to access organized and unorganized information in a centralized place, or “lake house,” without switching between platforms. With strong innovation and a focus on the burgeoning programmer industry, an IPO next year appears to be a distinct prospect.

6. Since Intel stated around Christmas that it wanted to bring its self-driving vehicle technology division public as a different business, Mobileye may resurface to the public sectors, perhaps during mid-2022. In 2017, Intel paid $15 billion for Mobileye. Its income may increase by 40% in 2021. Several AV businesses have decided to go public in the previous two years, but the great bulk of them did so through a SPAC. Although the sector has been accused of over-promising and under-delivering, Mobileye’s expertise as a publicly listed firm may be an asset.

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7. Chime, a virtual financial service, is planning an initial public offering (IPO) in March 2022, with a potential of $35 to $45 billion. The firm’s yearly sales will most probably range from $900 million to $1 billion. Although the firm hasn’t always been successful, CEO and co-founder Chris Britt stated that it did so in the 2nd period of 2020. During April 2020, ProPublica has received over 900 concerns with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Many of which are from customers who are unable to obtain their funds, according to a statement published in July.

ai ipo

8. Instacart, which had planned to go public in 2021, postponed its ambitions until mid-2022 due to a management shake-up and rising pressure from delivery competitors. Although the firm has long been associated with retail transportation, other delivery companies, such as Uber and DoorDash. They are increasingly making headway in areas other than supper shipping. Revenues may rise 10% to $1.65 billion in 2021, up from $1.55 billion in 2020. Upon collecting $265 million in March, it was estimated at $39 billion.

9. Lime, founded in 2017, has been at the vanguard of micro-mobility warfare, renting out bikes, scooters, and electric mopeds worldwide. For the past two quarters, Lime has been “adjusted EBITDA-profitable”. Which is startup jargon for “not actually lucrative but in a stronger fiscal situation than before.” It has garnered $1.5 billion in net capital since its establishment. The firm’s most recent investment round was a convertible bond deal that generated $418 million in November 2021. Abu Dhabi Growth Fund, Fidelity, and Uber were among the sponsors. UBS O’Connor also offered a $105 million senior secured term loan arrangement. The very next phase in Lime’s journey to becoming a public company is in 2022.

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Nowadays, an increasing number of businesses are embracing an AI-based approach to corporate development. A substantial percentage of AI-based businesses are going public and registering on stock exchanges all around the world. As such, we can expect quite a few AI IPOs to launch this year.

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