Automation Tips for Wholesale Business Operations

Few people are willing to take on a wholesale business. Nonetheless, it is a viable option for anyone interested in wholesale distribution or any other type of wholesale business. So, in this article, we’ll look at the best automation tips for running a wholesale business.

What is a Wholesale Business?

The wholesale business entails purchasing large quantities of goods from manufacturers for resale and then selling them in smaller amounts to retailers, who then resell them to customers. However, this does not rule out the possibility of selling products directly to customers if you are a wholesaler. Textiles, non-dairy beauty products, agrochemicals, stationery, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, children’s toys, and garments are all examples of wholesale businesses.

Why is it necessary for your business to automate processes?

Business process automation saves time and money, but the benefits of automated systems don’t stop there. These systems also help workers focus on more important projects by reducing the workforce required to complete critical tasks. For example, when you can automate your accounts payable processes or customer support chat rooms online, your paid labor can focus on more critical business-building tasks.

Automation also helps to cut down on costly mistakes and the time it takes to fix them. Most document processing and data entry errors are due to human error.

Tips to Automate your Wholesale Business-

Investing in Business Process Automation in Wholesale Distribution: An organization can grow organically by investing in business process automation software. Process automation and system integration can give a company a significant competitive advantage. By eliminating manual administration tasks and improving communication between departments, suppliers, and customers, process automation can improve the way data is presented. Investing in business process automation software to extend the capabilities of your existing business applications can, in essence, improve employee performance while also driving revenue growth.

Increasing Information Visibility with Automated Reporting:  For businesses in the wholesale and distribution industries, proactive reporting is critical. Stock can perish, and customers may experience poor customer service if effective reporting is not in place. Despite being an essential part of many business functions, report creation and distribution can be time-consuming and error-prone.

This is where business process automation, which sits in the middle of your wholesale distribution management system and applications, can be highly beneficial. Employees benefit from less administration and 100% error-free reports by automating the creation and delivery of an endless variety of reports on a scheduled or event-driven process, regardless of the business system where the data resides.

Inventory Notifications for Warehouse Management: It’s critical to protect your business from low or high inventory levels when trying to boost productivity. Employees are used by many wholesale and distribution companies to monitor and react to changes in inventory levels manually. Unfortunately, suppose low stock levels are not resolved quickly and efficiently. In that case, this process is prone to errors, is an inefficient use of employee time, and can significantly negatively impact reputation.

Effective inventory management can often mean the difference between fulfilling an order and not being able to do so. You can avoid ‘one-off’ large orders by dynamically monitoring product lines and sending an automated email or SMS notification to internal and external recipients when inventory levels are approaching reorder point levels. This approach can be taken a step further by automating complex business processes like automatically generating a purchase order authorization request and placing an order with a supplier.

Enforcing Purchase Order Authorization Processes Based on Rules: For many wholesale professionals, authorizing the purchase of a product or service is still a sloppy, manual process that is slow and prone to human error. Multiple authorization levels are often required for purchases, unique to business rules and departmental structures and critical to financial stability. Unfortunately, this can result in more manual communication being pushed around an organization, leading to longer purchase cycles. Many organizations use an electronic workflow management system and integrate it with their primary business systems to simplify workflow approval processes.

Automation Software for Wholesale Distribution Management: When it comes to improving employee and company performance, increasing employee productivity, increasing information visibility, enforcing company procedures, and streamlining business processes all play a role. Using business process automation and system integration to improve your existing wholesale distribution business systems opens up possibilities for reducing manual administration costs and driving company growth. IntegromatWorkato and Zapier are some of the tools which help you in automation.


Traditionally, the wholesale business was thought to be a time-consuming endeavour that required a lot of manual labor. It was usually run through a back office or a storage facility, and sales were based on long-term relationships. However, the advancement in technology has provided wholesale distributors with numerous opportunities to take their business to the next level. They can use technology to attract more customers, increase sales, and promote their products; the options are limitless. Running a wholesale business comes with its own set of difficulties. It’s like being a one-person show, managing all departments with equal efficiency while running an administration on your own.

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