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BambooHR is a popular specific Hr technology platform for small and medium scale enterprises that focuses heavily on people, earning it our top selection for performance management. Analytics, hiring, on boarding, remuneration, and culture are the five main aspects covered. BambooHR’s award-winning service is extremely configurable, with a broad range of add-on capabilities available directly from the company or via its Marketplace solution partners. Developers can easily connect other programs, communicate data between systems, and produce reports in a variety of formats thanks to the open API.


BambooHR has two subscription options, Essentials and Advantage that meet most small and midsize organizations’ HR needs. It does not disclose or advertise price transparency in any of its goods or services, which is unfortunate. While you should definitely establish all the features your organization will use before making a purchasing choice, you may not even have all that knowledge at the outset of your search, which may make comparing plans as well as services from different providers much harder.


  • Pricing for the Essentials: A custom pricing quotation is required.
  • Employee data, benefits tracking, standard analytics, document storage, email notifications, timekeeping, single sign-on, mobile app capability, workflows, and weekday email support are just a few of the standout features.


  • Pricing is on a case-by-case basis.

Advanced analytics, branding, audit, accessible API, BambooHR Marketplace accessibility, employee satisfaction measure using eNPS, on boarding, compliance management, e-signatures, education progress, and weekday phone assistance are just a few of the standout features.


For our seven-day trial, we demoed the real version of BambooHR, choosing all of the features available.

“Whatever gets measured gets managed,” according to an ancient business adage typically ascribed to Peter Drucker. While managers may argue about the accuracy of this, there really is no doubting that the data chosen on a service’s main dashboard is a potent signal about what that service considers to be most useful. BambooHR collects and shows data on your company’s employees for measuring purposes.

Management of Performance

BambooHR’s multi approach to assessing an employee’s performance includes management assessments and ego, peer feedback, and goals to offer a holistic view of the employee’s performance. It asks questions aimed at improving performance rather than determining whether or not someone is eligible for a promotion. These review cycles can be set to run yearly, semiannually, or quarterly. Employee performance and objectives are tracked and measured, and built-in analytics give managers and executives with actionable information for both people and the firm as a whole.

Employee Contentment (eNPS)

Internal surveys with anonymized submissions should be conducted on a regular basis to promote business culture, but analyzing the data can be time-consuming. Based on your team’s responses to a series of simple questions, this tool provides you an Employee Client Satisfaction Score. The programmed analyses the replies for keywords before categorizing them as good, neutral,or negative. For each one of our departments or divisions, you may view trends in the results but instead filter by age, job status, years of employment, and location. It’s far simpler to spot trends in employee satisfaction over time, which you can utilize to minimize attrition, boost productivity, and improve your image of a company.

APIs those are free to use

BambooHR makes use of a Restful API to alter personnel data and create reports in a variety of formats. The open API allows your hired developers can easily link other apps with your account, allowing data to flow freely between your systems.


The BambooHR Marketplace has a good selection of free and premium apps and integrations for hiring as well as on boarding, culture and people, pay and reward, and general business growth. Google Single Sign-On, Indeed, Glassdoor, SAML, Gifted, and Truwork are all available for free. This is also where you’ll discover employee benefits and retirement account options.

BambooHR is a good fit for the following people:

  • Any company seeking a people-centric, generic HR platform with a heavy focus on employee performance.
  • Small and medium firms that want to enhance their corporate culture by getting to know their employees – their feelings, aspirations, plus where they need its most assistance to develop and flourish.

BambooHR is recommended for: Any organization that wants to build a highly customized HR platform.

  • Small and medium enterprises seeking for a simple all-in-one HR service that takes care of on boarding, employment benefits, payroll, and compliance all in one monthly plan
  • When comparing service providers, business owners who like to see clear pricing and do not want to speak with a salesperson to learn more about regular service packages or add-on features and integrations.

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