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AppSumo is a daily deals website that mainly caters to users and businesses that distribute goods and other online services. It primarily revolves around numerous software applications, and it also supports e-books, learning courses, and more. This very marketing tool is the brainchild of Noah Kagan, a serial entrepreneur. 

Customers utilizing this get an array of services, from dealing with electronic products and tools to running one’s business – from marketing, productivity to SEO, and other online services. This platform is beneficial for startups and entrepreneurs venturing and trying their luck in the online domain. It is a platform simultaneously aimed at the younger and slightly older generation alike.  

AppSumo Features, Statistics, and pricing

  • On the developer end, the Platform features incredible deals with useful and powerful apps made by innovators and entrepreneurs from across the globe. On the customer side, the platform boasts of a staggering rate of users looking for applications and tools for their businesses – to improve and optimize their internal and external processes.
  • The platform features limited lifetime deals and particular applications and software offered at a fraction of their annual subscription costs.
  • The Platform has a ‘User Review’ and ‘Question’ Tab feature, which lets users post their opinion or doubts that they have in mind around the tool. The creators of the tool interact and respond hassle-freely through the platform.
  • The courses that AppSumo offers are categorized into different types and prices. There are various free as well as paid courses available in the application itself. The user can utilize the approaches via a monthly or yearly subscription or buy the system upfront and get lifetime access.

Though AppSumo may be the undisputed king of the service-providing websites, it faces severe competition from many other platforms. Let’s look at some of the notable ones.

Other Alternatives

In a nutshell, AppSumo could turn out as your go-to option, but there are other alternatives to the platform. Certain users might not benefit from this platform and may look for other available resources.


It was launched at the same time when AppSumo first made its presence felt in the market. StackSocial might be just the readily available resource people might fancy if they are not impressed with AppSumo.There are several courses that Stacksocial offers at different pricing range. They also offer thousands of free courses on their platform. Paid classes start from $20 and go up to $60. 


  • Marketing tool – Stack social is an integrated marketing tool that helps new and growing startups market their products. A unique way of marketing that StackSocial provides to the user is special QR codes. These QR codes connect your platforms to your business; your business can be accessed through any medium with one scan. 
  • Online courses Website- It has one the most extensive Online courses catalogue providing users with thousands of courses available in its library to use and learn new skills.


When it all boils down to getting a feel of how e-commerce and analytics work, users can reach out to SaasPirate. It is a popular and remarkably well-maintained platform alternative to AppSumo. Another interesting point of SaasPirate that deserves a special mention is that it offers lifetime offers. 

The courses are offered both free and paid; the paid ones can range anywhere from $1 to $500. People either buy the methods via monthly/annual memberships or lifetime offers that give lifetime access to the courses.


  • SaasPirate is the best tool that provides Social media Management services. The app focuses on three simple things to help your business reach the heights you desire: Research, experiment, and inorganic growth. This tool is perfect for budding startups.
  • SaasPirate also provides an extensive collection of online courses for people to access.


If you are wondering about developing business-to-business software, you could always try out DealMirror. DealMirror is another vital alternative to AppSumo. 

However, this same platform also has a loophole. Like all good things, this platform is detrimental for those looking for overall improvement as the ability is lost due to automation and lack of human feedback. This might not be the perfect model if a particular user develops software mainly for consumers.

Like any other online course providing a website, Deal mirror has systems listed in free and paid categories. Paid ones start from $10 to $1000. They are now making solid efforts to bring down their software prices in a bid to support their existing users and at the same time make efforts to reach out to prospective users.


  • DealMirror was founded in 2016 to help users to enable business-to-business software.
  • It provides online courses to people in the fields of IT and software.


A platform that is trying everything in its power to snatch the crown as the best digital service providing website is none other than Pitchground. Though some customers have claimed Pitchground to steal the idea of Appsumo, it is valid to some extent. Still, it brings a lot to the table, rather than blindly copying and executing the business idea of Appsumo. With courses ranging in both free and paid versions, people have the option to buy advanced Paid courses that are priced from $5 to $250 for a monthly or lifetime membership.


  • Providing online courses – We can say it is the better version of Appsumo. With a wide 90% percent discount on its courses and resources, Pitchground is the best platform for beginners to start learning new skills.
  • Marketing tool – Helps new and budding businesses in marketing their business

Which app should you consider? 

Like any other app or platform, developers need to remember that the products should make users or potential customers feel top-notch before publicly launching them. People might feel jaded if they cannot access the platform correctly or if they have to subscribe to crude software. 

Thus, it becomes imperative to research before taking the final call. Whether you are using AppSumo or sticking to any other platform – the final say is always yours. 

The following summary table should give a quick idea about who should go for which app.

ApplicationsRecommended for 
Pitchground Best for newer and beginners. Easy to use interface.
StackSocialBest for e-business and online services
DealMirrorNew startups
SaasPirateBest for IT and design businesses
AppSumoMNC’s and big operation companies

After going through the whole article, you would have a clear idea about the best online courses and marketing websites. Don’t forget to tell us all about your experiences!

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