Best Dashboard Design Ideas for Maximum Efficiency

dashboard design ideas

Businesses rely heavily on information, and its importance in assessing business insights and introducing innovation into technical terrains cannot be exaggerated. We are currently flooded with data. And it is now more important than ever to present information in a clear and organized manner.

dashboard design ideas

Dashboards are an excellent tool for organizing information. Inspired by the automobile dashboard, which allows a driver to check speed, fuel, distance, and warnings at a glance, digital dashboards aim to convey relevant information to users in a simple format by utilizing efficient dashboard design ideas.

In this article, we will discuss the most effective dashboard design ideas.

Dashboard Design Ideas

A good dashboard will entice users to view and use it as if it were a natural part of their job. A well-designed dashboard is user-friendly and displays data most effectively to assist users in initiating actions.

dashboard design ideas

The Dashboard Design Ideas listed below will assist you in creating dashboards with Maximum Efficiency.

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Adjust to the User’s Needs

The question “Who will use the dashboard?” should guide dashboard design. Once you understand the users, you can collect information such as why they require a dashboard, their expectations, how they intend to use it, etc. This directly impacts the dashboard’s and information display’s style.

Using UX research methods can split a lot of light into users and their needs. The dashboard layout, data presentation, and KPI selection will vary based on users’ persona.

Simplicity is the Key

Designers now have access to various tools that allow them to create visually stunning images. These tools provide a plethora of options for creating intricate designs. Although this is a significant advancement, it is best to use extra refinements in dashboard design sparingly. The emphasis should be on simplicity. It is a UI UX design trend that will never fade.

simplicity is the key

Use images only when necessary, avoid using too many shadows and textures, and use precise and legible labels. The final product should be a simple visual with the important points clearly visible and highlighted.

Apply the Five-Second Rule

The five-second rule states that a user should be able to find information from a dashboard within 5 seconds. If the user has to spend longer gathering the necessary information, this indicates that the dashboard is inefficient. All relevant information and users’ most pressing questions should be answered within 5 seconds or at first glance.

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Make use of the Inverted Pyramid Structure

Dashboards rely heavily on information hierarchy. The inverted pyramid is a design concept that is mainly to organize dashboards. It entails categorizing content into three sections in descending order of importance. In other words, the most important details appear at the top, a brief overview, and all background information appears at the bottom.

inverted pyramid structure

This principle translates into the insights being at the top of the dashboard, the trends that help users understand the insights being in the middle, and the granular details being at the bottom. This helps to capture the user’s attention, immediately meet their needs, and make it simple for them to understand information.


Functionality is fueled by consistency. A consistent dashboard design will subconsciously guide users and allow them to perform actions in a natural manner. A dashboard’s purpose is to provide users with important information at a glance. Consistency in labeling, formatting, and structuring is critical to achieving this goal. If the formatting or labeling for related metrics or KPIs is inconsistent across the dashboard, this will confuse users and obstruct a smooth dashboard experience.

Use Correct Color Scheme

The use of colors must keep to a minimum when designing a dashboard. You can select colors that reflect the company’s brand identity or the theme of the app. However, the number of colors must keep to a minimum, and these colors will use throughout the dashboard design.

use correct color scheme

Consider this dashboard we created, in which we used a simple and consistent color scheme.

To draw attention to specific elements of the dashboard, you can experiment with gradients of the selected colors. It’s best to use saturated colors sparingly because they have a negative impact on the user experience. Assigning a single color tone to similar items throughout the dashboard design will improve the comprehensibility and the UI and UX.

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Progressive Disclosure

Progressive disclosure is an excellent dashboard design principle that will help to reduce clutter while also saving users time and errors. It entails prioritizing the features that are presented to users and relegating rarely used features to a secondary screen. And it will increase efficiency and user attention.

progressive disclosure

One way to accomplish this is to use animation, such as displaying a progress indicator. This provides feedback to users, establishes clear expectations, and provides them with something to look at while an element loads. Progressive disclosure instills confidence in users and makes it simple for them to learn how to use the dashboard.

Allow for More White Space

White space, one of the most important web design trends, is also an important design guideline for dashboards. Because dashboards present a large amount of data, the role of empty space in bringing balance and clarity to design is critical. It is ideal for doubling the margin space for the dashboard’s main elements. Ample white space should also be provided between different sections or elements to make information easier to view and understand.

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