Best Presentation Management Tools

Because of the widespread use of PowerPoint, business presentations have become all too commonplace. With monotonous slides full of bullet points, it can be difficult to capture and hold your audience’s attention. It may be useful in some situations, but there are a plethora of alternative presenting tools available to help you engage your audience and express crucial messages.

While classic presentation software like PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote may all be used to produce presentations, you can break the mold by using graphics, adding movement, and restricting each slide or segment to a few critical points.


A cloud-based presentation tool called Visme lets you build highly visual presentations to engage viewers and effectively communicate your ideas. The business version features an intuitive drag-and-drop design method for creating presentations. It also prioritizes brand consistency and corporate image storage across the company. When you or your staffs make a presentation, you’ll use colors, logos, and graphics that are consistent with the rest of your company. This ensures that your staff’ presentations are consistent. Visme also has an analytics system built-in, so you can see who has viewed and completed your presentation.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a simple platform for creating elegant presentations with high-quality images. Business owners can create presentations with Haiku Deck that emphasize simplicity. Haiku Deck differs from traditional presentation tools with its library of images and array of fonts. Its spartan approach helps presenters connect with audiences instead of making them overloaded with information. Creating presentations that are accessible on any device is simple and easy with this app.


A template-based program that guides you through creating presentations, Pitcherific not only provides a presentation solution but also a platform for building and practicing your presentation. A Pitcherific outline allows you to break down each part of your speech into its parts. A hook, a problem, a solution, and a closing are the four parts of an elevator pitch. In addition, there are various templates for different kinds of presentations and pitches, so you will be able to receive guidance on a variety of different speeches and presentations. As part of Pitcherific, you can also include a character count and a time clock to help you track how long your speech or presentation is and keep it within the time frame you set.


Canva is an online publishing platform that provides templates for a variety of business publications, such as resumes, newsletters, business cards, media kits, brochures, and infographics. Besides creating presentations, you can also upload your images or choose from more than a million of Canva’s stock images. There are hundreds of layouts and templates to choose from, and you can upload your images or choose from more than a million of Canva’s stock images. You can change text and fonts, apply effects to photos, and drag and drop different design elements as you assemble your presentation. Your company logo can also be uploaded and saved.


For developing company presentations, SlideCamp provides slide templates. SlideCamp allows you to change color schemes, add company logos, import charts, and data, create infographics, and divide presentations into parts. This is an excellent way to ensure presentation consistency across various presentations from your company. Employees will be able to create excellent presentations using predesigned slides after you’ve set up branding information. If you’re a start-up or one-person firm, this may not be an ideal solution for you.

Microsoft Events

Microsoft has different tools that can augment the standard presentation in a more useful way than PowerPoint, which can sometimes be a bit tiring. Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the ability to create live and on-demand events in Microsoft 365. You can view these meetings in real-time or on-demand by remote co-workers or even by workers who were in the meeting but want to refer back to what was said. A speaker timeline is generated using machine learning, speech-to-text transcription, and closed captions are created.


An animated presentation and video creation tool, Powtoon allows you to create short informational videos and presentations for your brand or product. To communicate your brand’s message, explainer videos are crucial, and Powtoon is an affordable tool for creating animated videos and presentations that educate consumers and clients. A professional experience for your customers can be built by editing presentations and videos and adding a voiceover.

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