Best Security Plugins for your WordPress site


WordPress is open-source software that makes it somehow vulnerable and prone to cyber-attacks.

Sometimes hackers try to access your website, and they even get lucky to guess your login information. They may harm your website and obtain crucial data for any reason. The team of WordPress updates its system regularly, and they can even provide customized security for your WordPress site. To protect your website, you must go for additional security plugins

Security Plugins

Security Plugins secure your websites from malware and any external threat like brute force attack or hacking.

Security plugins detect malicious activity happening with your website and instantly remove them. Every site is unique and requires different security plugins according to its need. Developers can give you customized security plugins to fend off threats and attacks. WordPress also offers additional security plugins.

This article will provide you with some of the best options of security plugins for your WordPress website. We will ensure not to leave any crucial detail of the best security plugins so that you can conveniently select the right option.

1-All in One WordPress (WP) Security & Firewall

WordPress has All in one WP security and a firewall to guarantee the security of your WP site. It is a comprehensive plugin that is easy to download and use. It has much to offer like,

  • User login security
  • Database security
  • User account security
  • File system security
  • User registration security

It detects any change in your files in your system and alerts you against the attack. It has a special cookie and a math captcha feature for brute force.

This plugin also protects your text from copying. It works smoothly without affecting the speed of your site.  If IP addresses are exceeding the limit of comments with the label of SPAM can be blocked.


It is a renowned web security company that specializes in WordPress website security. Sucuri is a company working in this field of malware removal and complete web security for the past 11 years. It only permits legitimate visitors to your website. Once you activate the services of this company, you will not face any mysterious phenomenon. Your website remains under the strict supervision of this plugin. It cleans and updates your system and blocks all the blacklisted IP addresses on google. It identifies all threats even before reaching your site as it filters out all suspicious activity. Some of the features of this are free of cost, and to unlock all features you, have to buy it for $299/year


It keeps the record of visits on your website. It allows users to block a country if, find any suspicious acts at backends. It notifies you through email if someone tries to breach your password and recommends strong password enforcement.

It runs its own firewall through your system to contain hackers. The free version gives access to the basic features. The paid/pro version has extra features to keep away your WP site from cybercrime.

4-BulletProof Security

Small websites are easy targets for hackers. BulletProof security is an ideal plugin, especially for small websites, even its basic free version.  You can set up email notifications in case of any issues.

It has a data backup and restoration facility. BulletProof security supports the intrusion detection system and has Idle Session Logout (ISL). You can buy this security plugin for a lifetime with unlimited installs for just $69, not a bad deal after all.

WP Cerber Security

This plugin is one of the most powerful tools you can ever find for security. It can detect even the slightest hint of anomaly. WP Cerber security protects the information of your site and blocks unauthorized visitors.

It has hourly-based scans and updates for your server. Even its free version has advanced features. With two-factor authentication, it prevents password theft. It has two pro versions, one is for $29/quarterly, and the other is a five value pack for $39/month. You can choose any of the suitable versions to avail of this plugin

Final Words

There is no doubt that there are multiple options for the security plugins for your WP site. In this article, we are helping you out by providing you with the best and top 5 options. Now it is your choice to select the valid option.

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