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Today we all are connected via the internet, and the worldwide usage of the internet has risen considerably high. As technology advances, we see that internet connections’ speed is skyrocketing. Now, with the introduction of 5G network speeds, internet speeds have boomed over the bar. However, the websites should also cope with the new high-speed internet broadbands. They must be competent to handle high traffic efficiently. To tackle this issue, the introduction of CDN plays a significant role. In this article, we will be discussing Cloudflare alternatives.

Regardless, let us first understand – 

What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a collection of geographically spread computers that speeds up online content delivery by moving it closer to consumers. 

Caching is a procedure that temporarily saves copies of files. It is used by data centers worldwide so that you may access internet material via an internet device or browser more rapidly through a server close to you.

content delivery network
Source: Wikipedia

CDNs cache web pages, pictures, and videos on proxy servers near your physical location. This eliminates the need to dwell for media to load before watching a movie, downloading software, checking your bank balance, posting on social media, or making transactions.

A CDN is beneficial to anyone who owns a web page or smartphone application anticipated to be accessed by several users simultaneously. Large, complicated websites with visitors worldwide and websites or mobile applications with a lot of dynamic information might benefit from them.

Currently, Cloudflare pretty much dominates the CDN market. However, there are some other great Cloudflare competitors in the CDN domain.

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So, let us look at – 

Best Cloudflare Alternatives

1.CloudFront CDN

CloudFront is a well-known CDN that operates on a “pay as you go” basis. When it comes to Content Delivery Services, CloudFront has stiff competition from Cloudflare and Akamai. 

Launched in 2008, the service supplied static and dynamic multimedia, website optimization, content distribution, and video streaming over more than 138 network nodes in 29 countries. 

cloudfront cdn
Source: cdnplanet

CloudFront’s administration dashboard has a graphical user interface to create custom SSL certificates and support wildcard names. Another service that helps it is dynamic scaling, which allows for automated hardware resource allocation in high web traffic.

Overall it is an excellent Cloudflare alternative, packed with multiple features.

Website: CloudFront CDN

2. Akamai

Akamai is one of the world’s largest and most well-known CDNs and cloud services. It’s thought to be reliable for anything from 15% to 30% of all online traffic. It has many features and is quite strong, and it provides top-notch security against DDoS assaults and other dangers.

Source: akamai

Their global network is another standout characteristic. They have a lot of servers scattered over massive networks worldwide. Thanks to localized caching, they may improve speed and availability.

Its great technology for preventing cyber-attacks and ensuring DDoS absorption is one of the best Cloudflare alternatives.

Website: Akamai

3. Fastly

Fastly has pushed quite a remarkable position in the market. One of its key benefits is that it consists of a flexible cache lifespan, which means that based on your needs, your material may be cached for a varying period. 

Source: fastly

You may utilize Fastly’s easy-to-use API to serve content across its edge network. It offers a user-friendly interface that may assist you in better resource management. You can also use it in symphony with your existing third-party software, such as Google Analytics or Optimizely.

It comprises a TLS encrypt certification and HTTP/2 security absent in CDN Cloudflare. Hence, Fastly has a good capability as a Cloudflare alternative. 

Website: Fastly

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4. Microsoft Azure CDN

When it comes to providing high-bandwidth information, only a few companies can match Microsoft Azure’s capabilities. So, if advanced proficiency is an essential priority for you, Microsoft’s solution is the best consideration. 

microsoft azure cdn
Source: azure.microsoft

The ability to cache static items with the help of the adjacent point of presence is one of the critical benefits of this CDN. It also speeds dynamic content through many networks and practical routing improvements.

Microsoft Azure excels in extensive scalability, which comes into action when managing sudden high loads. The enormous scalability will ensure that excessive traffic doesn’t knock your site down when you have a significant event.

Along with these, it also offers excellent customization options which will suit your overall cause. These include intelligent traffic managers and other Azure specials. 

These elements prove that Azure CDN has an excellent capacity to include it in the list for Cloudflare alternatives.

Website: Microsoft Azure CDN


StackPath is a cloud security platform that develops technology to secure you from internet dangers. It enables you to distribute the material without worrying about any attacks.

Source: stackpath

StackPath’s content delivery solution includes a well-documented API and a web application firewall. It contains quick configuration changes, real-time monitoring, instant cleansing, and an origin shield.

This platform also fundamentally has reporting and analytics and a comprehensive set of standard policies that you can administer using its interface.

In comparison to CDN Cloudflare, StackPath is more user-friendly. These attributes make it a standout Cloudflare alternative. 

Website: StackPath

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These are the best Cloudflare alternatives that are up to the mark in the business. You can select any of these that serve your purpose and unravel your journey into high-speed website connections.

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