4 Ways to Convert MS Word to HTML

convert ms word to html

If you have a word document that needs to convert to an HTML document, then this article is for you. Here, we will explore all the various ways for you to convert MS Word documents to HTML. Follow these methods to convert MS Word documents to HTML quickly.

Using Microsoft Word

  1. In Microsoft Word, view the file. Word includes a built-in feature that allows you to transform files to HTML. Even though the final HTML script is a little bulkier than if you had created it from scratch, the transformation is fast and can utilize for smaller assignments.step 1
  2. Select the File menu. It’s present on Word’s top-left side.step 2
  3. Select Save As. A list of possible destinations will show.step 3
  4. Choose a destination for the file to be saved. The document can be saved to any folder on the laptop (or a cloud drive if you prefer).step 4
  5. Give your file a title. This goes in the top-right corner of the window’s blank.
  6. Choose Web Page from the “Save as type” drop-down menu. This instructs Word to save the document as HTML.step 5
  7. Select Web Page, Filtered instead if you don’t mind a few of the additional intricate style code being stripped away in favor of a simple document. This instructs Word to save just the layout guidelines and text and delete anything else.convert ms word to html
  8. Select Save. The document will now be renamed and saved in HTML format.

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Restrictions to Convert MS Word to HTML.

Whenever you have to get web pages up on a site immediately, Word is a good option, but it’s not the ideal long-term answer for internet publication. Word inserts strange layouts and comments to the HTML text if used as a web page builder. These features affect how well your website is structured, how well it functions on smartphones, and how rapidly it runs.

Another alternative to convert word doc to HTML is to generate the file in Word, export it as a DOC or DOCX version, post the DOC folder to the site, and place a download option on a site webpage for people to use.

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Using Google Drive

  • In an internet browser, navigate to https://www.google.com/drive. You could use Google Drive to transform a Word file to a web page if you have a Google profile (commonly referred to as a Gmail account). 

Log in to Google Drive if you haven’t already.

  1. Select + New from the drop-down menu. It’s in Google Drive’s top-left corner.create new
  2. Select File Upload from the drop-down menu. It’s the second choice.file upload
  3. Open your Word file by selecting it and clicking the Open button. This saves the Word file to your Google Drive account.
  4. In Google Drive, right-click the Word file. A context menu would then open up.
  5. Click Open with. A second menu will appear.open with
  6. Select Google Docs. Google Docs will show the text of your Word file.
  7. In Google Docs, proceed to the File menu. It’s in the top-left corner of Docs, underneath the file name.select file
  8. Select the Download menu. There will be more menu selections available.convert ms word to html
  9. Go to the Web Page tab. You can save the HTML form of your file as a compressed file using this choice. To begin the downloading, select Save or OK.

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Using a Web Editor

The majority of web editors can convert Word documents to HTML. Dreamweaver, for instance, converts Word docs to HTML in just a couple of simple stages. Dreamweaver also eliminates the odd styles that Word applies to HTML.

web editor

When converting Word docs to HTML with a web editor, the results do not appear as Word documents, and the Word document has the appearance of a web page.

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Using Word 2 Clean HTML

  1. On an internet page, go to https://word2cleanhtml.com. Word 2 Clean HTML is a simple and free utility that converts the text of a Word doc to an HTML script. word 2 clean html 1
  2. To transform a Word file, first view it. View the file in Microsoft Word if you have it installed. If not, you may access the document with either the free edition of Word found at https://www.office.com or a Word equivalent such as Google Drive.word 2 clean html 2
  3. To the clipboard, copy the text of the Word document. To indicate everything in the document, simultaneously click the Control and A keys on a Computer or the Command and A keys on a Macbook, then right-click the marked region and select Copy.word 2 clean html 3
  4. In the Word 2 Clean HTML area, enter the copied content. To paste the chosen material, right-click the type space and select Paste.word 2 clean html 4
  5. Underneath the box, you may change your HTML options.
  6. Toggle translation settings, such as changing Word’s Smart Quotes to standard ASCII, using the options at the bottom of the screen.word 2 clean html 5
  7. To transform to clean Html, press the icon. It’s the button to the right side of the page. The text is converted to HTML and displayed in the text field.
  8. Choose the Original HTML option to view the actual HTML (not “cleaned up”) from the process.
  9. Select the Preview icon to see how the script will appear in an internet browser.word 2 clean html 6
  10. Select the Copy cleaned HTML to clipboard button at the head of the screen to copy the information and paste it somewhere else.


If you want to convert your MS Word document to HTML, these are the best and most effective ways to transform your document. Follow these four best methods to convert your document to HTML. 

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