Creative Examples of Email Signatures

Email Marketing as an outreach method is at the peak of its popularity. Every business in every industry uses it to create and develop brand awareness and also to promote its products and services.

Every other business has learnt the art of email marketing and introducing themself to people and potential customers, but very few have known or explored the importance of email signature. The sign at the end of any email body is called an email signature. Unfortunately, Email Signatures are one of the most neglected elements of email marketing. 

An email signature is a piece of text that appears at the bottom of every email message you send. A signature is typically used to offer the receiver with information such as your name, email address, business contact information, website URL, or even interesting quotes. Consider email signatures as an online business card that gives recipients all your contact information and designation. These can serve as a business card for your organisation and eliminate the need to share contact information and website links separately with the recipient. 

Email signatures generally include the following elements

  • Your full name, including your surname
  • The name of the company you work for
  • Job title
  • Contact information, like an email address and a phone number
  • A link to your company’s website
  • Social Media profiles (like an artist can add an Instagram gallery)
  • A disclaimer
  • Call to action buttons

Why do you need Email Signatures? 

Brand Awareness 

With a gazillion of products and services in the market, people tend to forget the brands easily. Email signatures are one of the most effective ways to present your business to a bigger audience. Email signature design can include your company logo and website link. You can use email signatures as a tool for brand recognition. 

Shows Professionalism 

Businesses use a variety of techniques to attract clients, and emails are one of the best ways to engage with people and prospect clients. Large business firms frequently use emails for marketing campaigns to engage with their clients. Businesses must include email signatures in their email campaigns in order to create and develop a brand image.  

Personal Touch and Association

Creative and personalised email signatures can add a personal touch. When recipients receive such emails, they will connect with the business personally. Adding a picture or links to your website in email signatures is a desirable addition to the emails.

Acts like a Business Card

In today’s time, you cannot send a business card to everyone personally, but you can always send email signatures with every email. In the digital era, an email signature is a great substitute for a business card. It is a tool to represent your brand and interact with customers while also conveying information about it.

Web Traffic 

If you are a website owner, email signatures can be a great way to attract web traffic. You can add relevant links to your email signatures. It makes it simple for prospects to obtain the essential information. You can also customise the signature’s information and links to meet the demands of the intended audience. 

So, now you know the importance of email signatures. Now, let’s find out what can make your email signature stand out. 

Tips For Creating Effective Email Signature


Be incredibly mindful while creating an email signature. Email signatures might not seem a big task but can be a deal-breaker or a clincher for your business.

Remember these things while designing an email signature.

  • Use the Colour and Font Wisely – Using bright colours and quirky fonts that do not incline with your business and brand can be very unprofessional and can become a deal-breaker for you. 
  • Use the Typography Effectively – Badly placed text can confuse the reader, and the client might misinterpret your company or brand. Either use the triangle hierarchy or the F-pattern to write the text.
  • Add Logo or Images – Adding the company’s logo will help you build your brand identity. You can also use a headshot to add a personal touch. 
  • Mobile Optimization – Your email signatures must be mobile optimised for smartphone users.

Be Consistent 

The email signature layout must be the same for all corporate employees. It must also retain the same company logo and colours as the brochures, business cards, and website. Each email sent by an employee marks your company and reinforces its identity when there is consistency. 

Keep it Short and Sweet

Your email signatures must not exceed the general limit of five to six lines. You also must try to balance the number of images and text. 

Examples of Email Signatures 

Email Signature With A Banner Image 

A banner image in the email signatures sheds light on the company’s products and services. This type of email signature includes short company information with a logo and a banner that emphasises what the company offers and a call to action button.

Animated signature 

Email signatures with an animated logo and colour-coded texts are attractive and eye-catching. This type of email signature includes an animated logo, basic information, and social media profiles, everything in a similar colour scheme. 

Keep it Sweet and Simple

Minimal email signatures are basic yet eye-soothing. This type of email signature is either monochrome or minimal, containing basic information and social media profiles. 

If you have a youtube channel, then an Email signature with embedded YouTube is a great way to promote your videos. A youtube video in the signature will allow people to engage and connect with you more. 

Handwritten Signature in an Email Signature

Email Signature with handwritten signatures adds a personal touch to the email. A handwritten signature adds more of a human feeling to emails.


A professional email signature is one of the most neglected brand awareness tools. A good sign-off is what people remember after reading the emails. Creating an email signature is a one-time process and can be used for several days. With the rise of email marketing, email signatures are one of the best ways to connect with your prospects. 

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