Deel Review: International Team Building Made Easy

A lot of businesses had to shift their employees to remote work when the COVID-19 pandemic began. In response, they quickly invested in different software and tools which would allow their employees to do remote work more efficiently. Businesses soon figured out that switching to remote work wasn’t so bad after all and could actually benefit companies more in the long run.

Businesses today use different tools not only to help their employees, but to attract potential employees as well. As more and more job seekers prefer remote work, employers are taking advantage of this trend. Employers are able to access a wider pool of talent internationally, where people with differing perspectives and skills can be incorporated.

If a company wishes to improve its talents and encourage diversity in workplace culture, hiring internationally is the way to go. However, hiring talents from different parts of the world has its own challenges too. The solution to this is to use platforms that will enable employers to easily build an international team hassle-free. A good recommendation is a solid company named Deel. 

What is Deel?

Founded in 2018, Deel is a company that offers different services that make hiring talent on a global scale easier. Companies can use this platform to onboard international contractors and employees. Deel also helps companies with their international payrolls, benefits, compliance, and taxes all across the globe—everything in one system. 

Deel Features

A complete platform, Deel has numerous features that companies can utilize to perform various useful tasks efficiently. The functionality of Deel includes:

Employee and Contractor Hiring

When hiring an international employee or contractor, a company usually needs to open a local entity, which costs time and money. Using Deel, all the compliance, payroll, and HR administration will be handled while the employee works for your company as an employee.

Onboarding Compliance

Deel ensures that you are compliant with local requirements such as tax, social security, and minimum wage. This feature protects your business by staying compliant in different countries. Additional benefits of this feature include:

  • Creation of employment contracts and agreements within seconds
  • Collection of necessary tax and permit documents
  • Easy viewing of team contracts and documents—all in one place
  • Has a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that is compliant with privacy laws internationally

Hassle-free Invoicing

Using Deel reduces the time it takes to set up payments and local payrolls, so that businesses can focus on what they do best. Other benefits include:

  • Employees are paid in one bulk payment
  • Automatic deduction of taxes and other fees
  • Employees are paid in their local currency without additional fees
  • Invoices are created automatically
  • Contracts can get paid in 15 ways, crypto included

Exceptional Team Experience

Deel provides excellent service to both employees and contractors by providing them with everything they need. Allowing them to view their benefits, contracts, and expenses all together in one platform. Bonus benefits include:

  • 24/7 customer support in different languages
  • Offers competitive benefits such as health insurance and discounts from different brands
  • Comes with a Deel card, which they can use for online and in-store purchases
  • Contractors can choose whenever they want to get paid, offering flexibility

Why Businesses Choose Deel

Deel is not doing something new. Among the services they provide are hiring contractors and employees, whether international or not, creating invoices, and offering team benefits. Providing such services is not new and has been around for many years. One thing that sets them apart is how they made those services easily accessible and applied a modern approach to it.

Benefits of Using Deel

Apart from having great features, Deel also provides huge benefits for different teams such as hiring, finance, and legal teams. 

Hiring Team

Using Deel, hiring teams can hire employees more efficiently and more intelligently. Hiring teams can have benefits such as:

  • Deel offers hiring teams to easily select their ideal talents from a large global talent pool. 
  • Businesses can easily retain employees if they choose to move to another location.

Finance Team

For financing teams, invoices can be generated, payslips are automated, and taxes are easily handled with Deel. Other benefits include:

  • Easily review employee payslips to avoid errors all in one place.
  • Can easily sync with other accounting software to get instant invoices.
  • Deel can handle bulk payments and allow contractors to withdraw the money whenever they wish to.

Legal teams will experience zero headaches as Deel will handle all legal transactions and requirements for them. Benefits include:

  • Deel hires employees on behalf of your business through their global network of entities.
  • Businesses can stay compliant with privacy laws and GDPR requirements.
  • Contractors can easily access the equipment they need.

Deel also offers benefits such as:

  • Easy integrations with people and accounting platforms for an easier workflow and automated tasks. *Can integrate with QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite
  • It is a perfect match with growing industries such as Gaming/Esports and tech industries.
  • Ideal for both startup businesses and large enterprises.

Deel Pricing

Interested Deel customers can start for free and can cancel anytime. The customers are then billed monthly and will need to pay once they have paid for their new team members.

Deel also prices their packages on a contractor and employee basis. From 150+ countries, you can hire contractors for $49/per contractor/month. Alternatively, you can hire full-time employees hassle-free for $499/month per employee. 

Additionally, Deal offers enterprise solutions with custom pricing to support large businesses.

*For the best offers, contact Deel’s sales team or request a demo.

Final Thoughts

With all the features and benefits that Deel offers its customers, it’s obvious that it’s a good deal. Deel’s competitive pricing and exceptional customer service are the reasons why so many small and large businesses love it, whether they are just starting up or have been operating for many years. 

On top of this, Deel clearly shows that it is capable of competing with other similar platforms-or better yet, it is the best in the world when it comes to payroll automation and global hiring.     

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