Difference between Cratoflow and GnuCash

Not every business person has the knowledge of accountancy, not every business is organized, and not every transaction can be recorded. Bookkeeping is one of the most gruesome and tiring processes for newer companies. Manually recording every transaction around the business may feel like a lot of additional work and the chances of error are also very high.

Technology has made every aspect of life more accessible and with the introduction of bookkeeping software, the effort and time of recording every conservation are being minimized to a large extent. There are several excellent choices of bookkeeping software available for professionals to incorporate in their business, but according to us, the two best bookkeeping software are – Cratoflow and GnuCash.

Let’s draw out some of the differentials between the two and find out which bookkeeping software is better for you.


The Cratoflow is an automated, easy-to-use bookkeeping software best suited for small to medium businesses. It helps the company to record all their transactions with the help of a virtual bot and artificial intelligence. The interface is user-friendly and requires minimal training to use it efficiently. It focuses on recording every small transaction that happens through business operations.

Making a systematic process for your business is the best way to create a smooth flow in the business’s daily operations. Cratoflow extends a very time-saving platform for companies to save on the enormous amounts of time wasted on manually recording daily transactions.


The developers of a platform, while creating their applications get their feedback from the professionals working in that field and implement them into their platforms. But what if they come and use their expertise to create an industry helping platform? Then that platform will be distinctly better than the existing applications in the market and bring innovation to the whole process. 

GnuCash focuses on easing business operations by providing time-saving tools to save a lot of human effort and time while recording every transaction.

Having an open-code system available in its design, anyone can use the platform’s code and freely modify it according to their requirements. Another significant different thing about the GnuCash platform is that it is an offline tool, meaning that GnuCash can only be directly downloaded and is not compatible with web browsers. 

Now talking about the availability of the platform, GnuCash is a Pc-exclusive app that is currently not available on mobile phones. It is compatible with all the operating systems namely Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

Differences in terms of features

Features of Cratoflow 

  • One of the premier features of Cratoflow is categorizing all the cash in different parameters. This helps to differentiate between assets, liabilities, capital, etc. It’s a perfect tool to measure the financial position of the company and assess what measures the company should take accordingly
  • A perfect tool that Cratoflow provides is keeping track of all the expenses that have been made from the company’s account. It will help the entrepreneurs to identify the useless transactions and rectify them.
  • Cratoflow offers a very out-of-the-box service that creates bills and invoices of the transactions by the artificial intelligence technology. This helps in creating evidence in case of any legal proceedings,
  • The first and foremost task that Cratoflow does is to record every transaction around the company. This is one of the essential tools and the original purpose of creating this application. 
  • Bringing your bank closer to your business can help smooth operations flow and transparency in the company. You can link your bank account directly on the platform, and it will analyze all the expenses and create reports for the benefit of the business.

Features of GnuCash 

  • Modern accounting includes a two-system way of recording transactions. It is an upgraded version of the old method that shows more variety to the financial statements. Generally speaking, A double-entry system is one of the most time-consuming bookkeeping methods prone to errors. GnuCash has an integrated double-entry system where the transactions are recorded as per the newer bookkeeping formats.
  • Periodical reports and graphs are provided to the user, giving a rough idea of how their business has performed.
  • A preeminent industry that Gnucash focuses on is the stock market. GnuCash helps you closely monitor your stock or mutual funds account by linking your financial statements.
  • It is a potent tool to make financial calculations; there are zero errors in accurately calculating business-related figures.
  • The most significant differentiating factor between GnuCash and Cratoflow is that GnuCash is a complete manual tool, whereas Cratoflow is an automated platform. This makes it hard for novice business people or professionals to work with GnuCash as it is a complex platform.

To conclude the features of both platforms, we can say that the suitability differs widely. Cratoflow is a user-friendly platform that supports beginners as it is a completely automated platform and does all the functions by itself. Also, Its user interface is easy-to-use. 

On the other hand, GnuCash is a platform made especially for catering to professionals’ needs. Usually, newer business people have to take the help of IT specialists or professionals to get their work done. Though GnuCash does not offer any bonus that other paid bookkeeping services provided, but as it is an open-source code program, you can easily add features on your own.

The difference in terms of the Price range


  • No free version is being provided for the CratoFlow application. You can avail of the CratoFlow services with a monthly subscription ranging from $199 to $399 per month when billed annually.


  • GnuCash is an entirely free service that users can download from the official website 

Final Thoughts on which platform will cater to your needs?

Both the platforms have their benefits and use and can cater to your needs accordingly. Let’s look at what areas both platforms are suitable for.

Category PlatformReason
Cost-friendlyGnuCashFree bookkeeping tool with a variety of options.
Best platform CratoflowAn all-in-one tool for accounting and bookkeeping purposes

After going through both the applications, we hope you have decided which platform to use. Which platform did you choose for yourself? Do let us know!

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