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With the growing awareness about global warming and carbon footprints, businesses are pressured to record and report their carbon footprints and carbon emissions. It is a tough job to record and report accurate figures that match the reporting standards. It is not only time consuming, but it also takes a lot of effort to prepare these reports.

To save your time and energy, Emitwise comes to your rescue. Emitwise is a platform that will help you track your carbon emission and will help you take actionable plans and strategies to reduce it. 

About Emitwise

Emitwise is an AI-powered software platform that helps companies reduce their carbon footprint. The London-based startup specialises in integrating scientific plans that reduce emissions from company supply chains to the levels and rates required to keep global warming to a reasonable level.

Due to multilateral global climate action, increased global corporate legislation, and record-breaking inflows into Environmental Social Governance (ESG) funds, demand for Emitwise’s approach is increasing abundantly. 

The platform offers a solution that allows businesses to fully automate their carbon accounting across all business units and suppliers, using artificial intelligence to accurately compute the emissions in real-time.

Businesses can use Emitwise to quickly identify and address carbon hotspots, creating a trackable path to net-zero carbon emissions.

Because the platform fits according to the company’s climate goals while keeping them aligned with global climate targets and reporting standards, it is trusted globally and across multiple industries, helping them reduce risks and speed their transition to net zero. 

The platform integrates carbon accounting expertise with cutting-edge machine learning technology to produce a trusted hybrid system capable of assisting customers in embedding carbon into their decision-making and propelling them toward net-zero carbon.  

Emitwise aims to equip businesses with the tools they need to respond to the climate emergency and prepare for a zero-carbon future. Businesses can use cutting-edge technology to monitor, report, and reduce their carbon footprint across their entire operations and supply chain.

Now, let’s have a look at what solution they can provide to help you out with recording, reporting and reducing carbon emissions and footprints. 

Solutions Provided By The Platform

Carbon Accounting

The platform breaks this down into three steps: Measure, Report and Reduce.


The platform collaborates with a company to track its carbon emissions across multiple scales. They examine both their operations and their complete value chain. They also allow customers to automate data flow in whatever format is available, freeing them from the tedious task of data collection. The carbon footprint is estimated using a proprietary emission factor database that includes the most accurate and up-to-date EFs, allowing for more granularity under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.


The platform handles all of your scope reporting requirements, including generating reports for essential frameworks such as CDP. In addition, ready-to-share customised reports can be built with a single click to interact with internal and external stakeholders.


The platform is created to help businesses in managing their carbon emissions and reducing them aggressively as part of a path to net-zero carbon. That is why Emitwise automates dataflows to provide continual actionable insights that help companies achieve their emission reduction goals and plans while also allowing them to pivot and stay on track throughout the year. The platform, in particular, is science-based and aligned with auditable data trails to support target setting and reporting.

Journey To Net Zero

First, you need to understand what net-zero means. Net-zero means creating a balance between a company’s greenhouse gas emissions and those that are removed from the environment via carbon sinks. Unlike carbon neutrality, net-zero require carbon emissions to be bare minimum, with carbon offsets only recommended as a last resort. 

Emitwise uses five steps for the Journey to Net-Zero

Step-1 – Understanding your Emission Baseline

Step-2 – Setting carbon reduction targets and a roadmap to Net-Zero.

Step-3 – Dynamic tracking and reporting on your activity.

Step-4 – Expand your net-zero carbon network.

Step-5 – Embed carbon consciousness into your business. 

Corporate Carbon Footprinting

The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that your company releases into the environment is referred to as “corporate carbon footprint”. It’s the starting point for reducing carbon risks, taking climate action, and future-proofing your company.

Preparing a Cabon footprinting report is a tedious task, and it takes months to complete. And even after all this, the reports are less accurate and have little to zero reduction in emissions. 

Emitwise helps in measuring carbon footprints with new approaches. Emitwise helps you better understand the total carbon footprint of your business activities. The platform provides accurate information about your carbon footprints, as well as transparent calculations, to assist you in addressing carbon emissions.

Emission Reductions

As greenhouse gas emissions contribute to global warming and climate change is hazardous for everyone, limiting emissions is a must. 

To do so, Emitwise will help your company identify the carbon hotspots, and it will tell you where you can have the major carbon impact and which parts of the business will need to support you. They will also help you set achievable science-based targets by analysing data from your business activities.

Emitwise will prepare a reduction strategy based on your data, and they will help you commit to the target and strategies wholeheartedly. And if any given situation changes or the strategies fail to work, then the platform will also help you and your company change the plan.

Sustainability Reporting

Most people consider a sustainability report to be merely a document with analytical data, but that report can serve as a public statement of your dedication towards society and the environment. 

Customers and investors can also easily compare your climate initiatives to those of your competitors in your industry using Sustainability Reports.

With Emitwise, you can give more time to reducing carbon emissions rather than wasting your time on making reports. 

Emitwise can feed your carbon footprint data into a variety of reporting formats after calculating your carbon footprint in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or ISO 14064, saving you a lot of time and decreasing the chance of any mistypes. 

Emitwise also allows you to share your emission data instantly with anyone in need. 

Its AI-powered technology enables dynamic auto-population of reports. And their carbon accountants, on the other hand, are constantly working in the background to ensure that accurate calculations and figures are auto-populated in the reports.

Bottom Line

With the rise in global warming, we must take baby steps to reduce its effects. Businesses being an important part of society should also play their role in saving the environment. 

Emitwise is an incredible platform for businesses to track and report their carbon emission and footprints. Businesses starting their journey towards sustainability must consider Emitwise as an option. 

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