Through FlowyTeam, organizations of all sizes can set individual and corporate goals, track employee performance, and set KPI dashboards for monitoring. A collaborative interface enables administrators to engage, manage, and manage teams remotely, promoting goal-oriented company culture.

Using this system, you can track employee-specific metrics, such as attendance, absenteeism, time spent on projects, and more. FlowyTeam provides managers with a way to evaluate the performance of their teams and individuals against pre-defined targets and key results (OKRs). As well as assigning tasks and clarifying any misunderstandings on workflows and processes, team leaders can perform weekly feedback sessions with employees.

Members can be recognized for achieving goals by using the rewards management feature in FlowyTeam. It includes a knowledge resource platform where heads of departments (HODs) can upload videos to fill skill gaps.

How does it work?

FlowyTeam maintains a strong sense of team spirit. In FlowyTeam, employees are provided with a supportive and engaging environment to learn about enhancing their performance. The system encourages positive engagement—a management system for all-around performance. Develop a plan for tracking employee performance, rewarding them, and coaching and training underperforming workers.

If you’re familiar with marketing and technology, you’ve probably heard the term “KPIs.” If you’ve ever worked for Google, a helpful small search engine company, you’re probably more familiar with “OKRs.”. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are performance measures used to assess an organization’s success or a specific activity. KPIs are used to track projects, programs, products, and many other activities. They may track everything from sales targets to social media statistics to determine how successful a campaign is.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a measure that defines company and team “objectives” as well as the quantitative “key results” that characterize the achievement of each objective. An OKR is a measurable goal whose steps are described. They are often used to set quarterly goals and plan for the whole year. The rise in popularity of OKRs can be attributed to Intel and Google, which have adopted this planning


Regardless of the method, the main conclusion is that performance can only be improved if measured and evaluated. If you don’t set targets or assess them at the end of the year/quarter, you miss an excellent opportunity to learn and grow. You can learn from failures and successes, so make performance metrics a high priority. If you and your team can get to them within a short timeframe, you might be surprised.

Software features:

  • Feedback on a 360-degree basis
  • Feedback on an ongoing basis
  • Development and training of employees
  • Appraisal of employees
  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • Evaluations of performance
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Evaluation of skills

FlowyTeam offers the following benefits:

Openness and clarity are among the key advantages of FlowyTeam and customization and team input. Continue reading to learn more:

Transparency and clarity are enabled:

FlowyTeam may greatly aid your strategic planning process. Their dashboard and performance reports can significantly improve your accuracy. In this way, everything from the planning to the execution stage is transparent and clear.

Utilizing Microsoft Excel sheets and whiteboards is less efficient and less engaging. Moreover, using their KPI and OKR functionality, you can track performance and development more efficiently. Reports can be generated that summarize the results.

Customization capabilities:

With a short learning curve, FlowyTeam has a straightforward interface. FlowyTeam is configured to work with most applications right out of the box. It also includes tracking capabilities to ensure you’re always up to date.

Several customization options make it possible for your company to grow and change with it. Employees can also earn individual prizes based on their performance. Especially if the rewards are customized to their specific interests, this can motivate kids.

Team feedback:

Using FlowyTeam’s 360-degree evaluation and weekly check-in, leaders can empower their employees and provide constructive feedback. Thus, they can discuss what employees should keep doing, what they should begin doing, and what they should stop doing. While improving individual and team performance also provides a clear picture of what needs to be focused on

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