GDPR Software to Integrate Into Your Project

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a regulatory law in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) on data protection. This law was reinforced in the year 2016, when the old directions on data protection and security, being followed since 1995, were relooked into, as internet usage had massively increased.

What does GDPR software do?

GDPR Software is a tool that provides security to the data stored by any project. This may include customer data in terms of identity information such as name, address, contact number, consent forms, biometric data, racial data, and much more.

What are the benefits of GDPR compliance?

A project which complies with GDPR is considered to have the most authentic data. Besides providing security to the data, it also gives credibility and builds a reputation.

Some of the most important benefits of GDPR compliance are as under:

  1. Easier Business Automation: It helps companies understand their performance, customer requirements, and satisfaction, the scope for improvisation.
  2. Trust & Credibility: An organization can gain trust and credibility from its customers, by following the basic principles of data safety like transparency, accuracy, confidentiality, and accountability. Compliance with GDPR provides transparency to employees, customers, and investors. This helps build trust and confidence in their mind that their personal information is being processed rightfully and lawfully.
  3. Enhanced Data Analysis: GDPR Software enables all departments to understand and use their data most efficiently. It can help the sales and marketing department to create and market their product and services to the target audience that needs that product or service. It can help filter the target audience for a particular product and can also help design new benefits and programs for a certain target audience.
  4. Safe Data Management: It is advisable to initiate data management in every project, understand your data and understand how it can be used or improvised in certain other conditions or environments. The data safety officer is an integral part of data management and ensures mapping and tracking, of the flow of information through the organization. The data protection officer is also responsible for creating a cyber security breach response plan.
  5. Reputation: Protecting the privacy of customers provides brand value to the project and increases its reputation. When we discuss our matters with someone and they keep that safe, in a way they gain our trust. In a very similar manner companies gain trust and build their reputation on the foundation of trust and belongingness.

What kind of companies or organizations need GDPR Software?

Products in companies that deal with handling the personal information of their customers, staff, etc, should use GDPR software to ensure credibility in their operations.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Dropbox, Amazon, Flipkart, and many others are compliant with GDPR software and ensure the safety of the data of their customers.

What are the salient features of GDPR software?

You should look forward to some of the most important and explicit features, before choosing the right software for your project

  • Consent Management: The software should be able to provide the customer a choice to save his/her personal information or any other data. It should be able to customize itself with the amount of data that a customer would like to share.
  • Portability: Customers should be able to transfer data from one software to another with ease.
  • Safety: Restricted sharing and stringent password and security controls should be built within the software.
  • Notifications: The project and the customer should be apprised of security threats, missing information, and updates from time to time via notifications.
  • Centralized Dashboard: A dashboard allows a platform where data can be viewed with categorization and filtration.
  • Incident Management: Track any illegal happening in data usage and inbuilt process to fix the gap.
  • Audit: Mapping and tracking of any hindrance with the data and any questionable use of data by anyone.

Top GDPR Software for your projects

Here is the list of best rated GDPR software that you may explore for your project:

  1. SolarWinds Access Rights Manager: This software is designed for IT companies to assist them in managing and auditing user rights to systems, data, and files.
  2. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer: EventLog Analyzer from ManageEngine is an agentless web-based event and application log monitoring and management tool. It is capable of collecting, analyzing, and archiving in real-time, event logs from distributed Windows hosts and Syslogs from distributed Unix hosts, or network devices.
  3. LogicGate: ManageEngine is an agentless web-based event and application log monitoring and management tool. It is capable of collecting, analyzing, and archiving real-time, event logs from distributed Windows hosts and Syslogs from distributed Unix hosts, or network devices.
  4. Netwrix Auditor: This is used for user behavioral analysis and risk mitigation that enables control over changes, configurations, and access in hybrid IT environments to protect data regardless of its location.
  5. Wired Relations: Wired Relations’ unique software gives you structure, overview, and control of all aspects of your data protection compliance.

The GDPR requires that a Privacy Policy be provided that is understandable and easily accessible. These requirements are intended to ensure that private information within a Privacy Policy is easily understood and that companies seek to achieve best practices when collecting and handling personal user information.

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