Google Ads Not Showing? Ways To Get Your Ads Running

Google Ads is an online platform where advertisers bid to send a word about their product and services through advertisements. These ads get placed on Google search, maps, and across the network of partnered sites of google. The advertiser must pay for people clicking ad to call the business, visit the website or get directions for the business’s place.

Google takes approximately twenty-four to forty-eight hours to approve and review your account once you activate your google ads account. It takes another seven days to gather information about your business, your topic of interest, and the potential audience for your product or services.

A decent ad campaign requires around three months to mature and about four to twelve months to turn into a strong campaign.

Sometimes, these ads do not run owing to a variety of reasons like the bids for keywords are either too low or too high, the payment transactions didn’t go smoothly, or ads got disapproved. It may sometimes occur that google ads are approved but still not run. 

Read further to find the reasons and ways of fixing this problem in detail.

Why your Google ad is Not Running and How to Fix it?

If one is unable to view their ads on Google, use the Ad Preview tool and diagnostic tool to check if ads are running or not. The difficulty in running these ads may arise due to performance or non-performance issues like using keywords with low search volume, ads getting disapproved or paused, google ads approved but not running, mistake in scheduling, etc.

Below described are some obstacles of an ad campaign:

Non-Performance Issues:

One of the issues may arise in transactions. If Google is unable to charge a business, how can ads run? So, it is advisable to update payment information linked to the account and confirm that the information provided is accurate.

Another issue might be your bids are either too high or too low. As a daily budget is set for ad campaigns, if the maximum cost per click bid is higher than this budget, the ads will not show up to the matched queries of the web users. Ensure that your campaigns may not get disrupted due to the imbalance between the budget and bids.

The next issue is low keyword search volume. If the targeted keyword adds no or little traffic to the website, Google identifies it and temporarily inactivates that keyword. Once Google notices that keyword search volumes reach a reasonable amount, it reactivates it. One way to resolve this issue is to use Google Keyword Planner, which allows one to find a keyword with thriving search volumes.

Mistakes in scheduling and targeting might appear as a problem. Ensure that the ads are not scheduled too narrowly. If the region one chooses to target is not yielding sufficient keyword search traffic, then your ad may not display. Try broadening the target location a bit.

Another issue that can be cited is the removal, pause, or disapproval of Google ads. In the case of paused ads, one needs to change it from paused to enabled. The Ads that are disabled are unapt to show to the web users as they do not comply with Google Ad policies. It may occur that google ads are approved but not running then, first check running status using Ad preview. Try to look out for simple errors that one unknowingly committed. If Google ads are approved but still not run, check the status of ad groups and ensure that they are enabled. Assure that these ad groups contain keywords.

Performance issues:

One of the issues from this category is that the ad groups are not appropriately focused. The Ad might not be displayed because it lacks the proper structure of ad groups that are, ads and keywords are not closely related. If keywords are allied closely, it gets ensured that the ad will comply with the user’s query. The performance in ad auction relies on how suitable the ad is to query generated by the user. So, make sure that the keywords you chose in an ad group are closely related.

Another issue that poses a problem in a successful ad campaign is that the landing page is not appropriate. If the landing page fails to answer a user’s search, results might seem poor in ad auctions. Try to find what the users are looking for in your website and incorporate target keywords on the landing page. If the landing page resolves more problems, it implies one will perform better at the Google Ads auction.

The next difficulty can be the low click-through rate. Click-through rate is the number of clicks the ad receives per the number of times the ad is displayed. It indicates how it matches with the search by the users. In order to ensure that your ad reaches potential users, your CTR must be high. Identify customers’ problems and think through their perspective what they want. Then compile a good ad copy that strikes their attention so that, CTR remains high. Plan your keywords accurately. They must have decent search volumes.

Another reason that needs to be put in light is that your ads are not optimized. Optimizing an ad means including the target keyword into your ad copy. It provides a signal to Google that your ad will be suitable for a user’s search query. If the ads are not optimized, ads will not display to the user’s query. In an ad group, make sure to add more keywords than ads. If these keywords are related closely, it also becomes easier to include them in the ad copy. Try to write an ad copy that is keyword focused.

It will increase the chances of display of your ad.


The above mentioned were various reasons why your ad is not showing and some ways to fix it. Google ads may not get displayed due to performance-based or non-performance based issues. First, check  Ad preview whether the ad is running or not. Then try to look for common errors that posses a problem in your successful ad campaign and discover ways to undo these errors.     

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