How can freelancers use Dribbble and Envato?

It requires time and effort to develop new techniques to get your work noticed. Of course, it would help if you contacted people interested in hiring you. You must, however, enhance your career and seek feedback. 

If you work as a graphic designer in the United States, you’ll face over 290,000 competitors, 22% of them being self-employed. Therefore, you must develop specific talents and sell yourself as an expert to succeed.

Dribbble and Envato are two sites you may have heard of but never investigated. It can, however, help you further your career by providing more than simply an opportunity to show off your work.


Dribbble is simply a visual Twitter; call it the artist’s Twitter. In essence, artists post (or “shoot,” as the site refers to it) their photographs, and their admirers see them and comment (and sometimes “rebound” with similar images). The site’s entire worth is held together through this self-sustaining system of idea-sharing. It can even help you find work.

Dribbble’s homepage is just a collection of their most popular photo shots. Imagine a central storehouse for the most popular tweets. But, unfortunately, I can tell you that it’s not nearly as attractive, and there’s a good reason for it.

How to use it?

You are referred to as a prospect when you create your account. You add your website to your profile, then search for and follow artists you enjoy. It would help if a site member drafted you to become a shooter, so try to comment, connect with people, and get recognised. Dribbble sends members invites to draft prospects regularly. This concept of quality control through exclusivity is somewhat new in social media, yet it appears to work effectively for this site, at least in maintaining its appearance.

But that’s not all: even if a site member drafts you, you’re just referred to as a “Rookie,” whereas members with several shots are referred to as “All-Stars.” It might look like a bizarre tiered structure for a social networking site, but it turns out to be a clever approach to recognise and welcome new draftees to the site and give them a little more visibility.

This drafting approach may be a hurdle for aspiring designers or perhaps a barrier to entering Dribbble’s social side. However, keep in mind that Dribbble’s semi-exclusive and unique sketching system makes the photographs on the site more stunning and relevant. In addition, artists must earn the right to upload photographs on the site, so they will not simply discard them (plus, they are only limited to 24 a month).

You may explore photographs by project, bucket (which is essentially different categories of projects such as branding, typography, and many others), color (which can be pretty handy if you feel constrained to a specific dominating color on a current project), and tags (which covers almost anything).


Envato Market is a creative marketplace with over 7 million members offering anything from website layouts and graphics to stock images and video footage. So whatever type of creative project you’re working on, Envato Market is likely to have what you need.

Envato Market is unique in that it offers more than just a marketplace for finished goods. There’s also a vast selection of creative tutorials, ranging from beginner to advanced. So Envato Market has you covered whether you want to acquire a new skill or brush up on your old ones.

How to Use it?

Freelancers can create profiles and list various services with predetermined pricing and scope. Customers can compare the available services and select the best option for them. When someone hires you, they give you the tools to collaborate and methods to expand your work beyond the bounds of the original project—their most effective freelancers have a large number of repeat customers.

This means you can spend your time doing the business you enjoy rather than chasing down clients.


To become a freelancer is a lovely, terrifying transition from a 9-5 desk job. However, with high risk comes enormous reward, the greatest of which is the potential to make a career as a creative person. While there is a lot to think about and plan before becoming a full-time freelancer, the more effort and planning you put into the shift, the easier it will be to adapt to your new job. So start today, and before you know it, you’ll be ordering business cards with the term “Freelance Creative” on them.

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