How can we submit a site map in Google Search Console?

submit a site map

Submit a site map among the most typical challenges we have when building a website is figuring out how we can rank and list it in search engines like Google. Here is the answer! Your website will appear in a Google search result for free. But one thing you have to do now is to make it easier for Google to reach your blog. The use of a submit a site map in sitemap file helps us to accomplish this task. You simply need to create a Sitemap document for your webpage and upload it to Google.

What is Google Search Console?

Webmaster Tools was the previous name for Search Console, but it has been renamed. It’s a free service that helps businesses, marketers, and administrators understand how their sites look in Google’s search index. submit a site map The service also provides tools for keeping their sites healthy and correcting issues as they arise.

What do you know about a sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML document that lists all of your blog’s addresses. This file aids crawlers in finding all of your blog’s URLs. A crawler will look at a variety of factors on your site, including the size and volume of your sitemap and the total number of links in it. In a nutshell, a sitemap shows the cumulative of your blog that search engine bots may access.

This file may be read by Google, and it can be used as a fast and easy guide for crawling and finding web pages. It can also inform Google when a page was last modified, how frequently users refresh it, and if the page has any alternate localized versions. This is an important aspect of the Google bot’s crawling and indexing process. Google bot uses href links to navigate from page to page, and a sitemap provides Google bot with a neat, clean, and straightforward list of all of them. submit a site map

How to submit a sitemap in Google Search Console?

For a standard website, we produce a sitemap file using an internet sitemap builder and submit it to Google and Bing’s webmaster tools. For WordPress websites, we use extensions that update our sitemap file as soon as a person publishes its new work. You won’t have to upload a new sitemap if you continue to publish content this way.

Let’s go on to the next step now since we understand what a sitemap is.

Locate your active site’s sitemap document.

Now that we’ve stated what a sitemap is, let’s look at how to create one. There are a number of methods to create a sitemap; depending on the system you’re using for your blog. For instance, people use Yoast SEO, an advanced SEO tool to create WordPress sitemaps.

Find your correct address in your Search Console account

Sign in to your Google search console account. It is important to locate the resource for the precise domain for which you like to upload a sitemap – the one that is accessible to visitors.

One should remove any previous, out-of-date sitemaps that have been uploaded earlier.

Select ‘Sitemaps’ from the sidebar menu

Upload your sitemap URL

You simply need to provide the last part of the URL. As soon as the sitemap data is published on the same URL as your Search Console data, you’re good to go.

Submit your file

Now click on submit and let google verify your data. It could take a while to inspect your sitemap.


It is not necessary to submit a sitemap again unless the URL for the sitemap changes. To upload a sitemap to the Google Search Console, follow these instructions. You can view exactly when a sitemap was made available, and when the Google bot examined it last. In addition, you may know how many Links Google detected in your sitemap, all in the same place.

You’ll also see the progress of your photographs and videos if you provided additional sitemaps for them. If you have a huge site, it may be beneficial to divide your sitemap into several smaller ones. In this instance, the best practice is to utilize a sitemap HTML page, which is formatted similarly to a conventional sitemap but includes additional sitemaps. It’s just a sitemap of indexing.

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