How Project Management Works in Internet Forecasting Industry

What is Forecasting in Business?

Planning is an essential part of any business. It is critical to recognize tendencies and take action on time. Forecasting is one of the most effective planning methods. It is an aspect of sales and market analysis that helps to foresee future trends, sales, numbers, and characteristics of the target market. The process of forecasting relies on collected data from both past and present followed by an analysis of market trends and intended actions to be taken. 

In the case of project management, forecasting helps to kick off the project with the right amount of foretelling and resources to be fully prepared to confront the expected.

Resource Forecasting in Project Management

Resource forecasting includes a prediction of the organization’s resource needs over some time. Resources also include manpower in this context. For example, A digital company might want to know whether they have adequate numbers of content writers, UX designers, etc to commit to a project. 

Resource forecasting can be used to tell the following:

  1. Whether you have the right set of people for every task in the project.
  2. Collect information on resource gaps and other potential issues that might arise during the project.
  3. Estimate how much the project will cost including all aspects like labor and equipment.

How to allocate resources using forecasting?

Calculate your organization’s FTE- Full-Time Equivalent. 

FTE is used to convert the hours worked by a part-timer to equal the work of a full-timer. This will help you analyze the hours worked to equal one full-time resource. 

Compute how much of a resource’s FTE is available.

Based on when the project is due and how much FTE is accessible, you can easily predict the resources needed for the project. 

Factors Affecting Resource Forecasting in Project Management

Project scope and type

The type of project one has undertaken varies the quantity and quality of resources that need hiring. For instance, if the deadline is too soon, you might consider hiring highly-efficient staff at a high salary to get the work done faster without compromising the standard of the project. It also includes understanding the deliverables, deadlines, and costs required to deem a project ‘done’. 

Number of FTE, skills, and existing projects

To efficiently manage a project, it is necessary to allocate time for it based on the existing project deadlines. Furthermore, it is crucial to know the skills possessed by your staff members and which of those skills can come in handy in handling the project. 

Freelancers and Part-timers

Full-time employees are not the only ones contributing to a project, therefore, make sure to utilize your part-timers as well as freelancers to ensure the completion of the project. 

Planned and Unplanned day off

FTEs are bound to take off days like sick leaves, vacation leaves, etc. Account for such days to estimate the time of completion of the project. Make sure to keep track of all planned leaves to rationalize unexpected changes in availability. 


If a project is to be carried out, someone has to pay for it. Analyze your budget and work your entire project around it. 

Once all the aforementioned variables are accounted for, you should be able to tell the following:

  1. FTEs working on the project; whether there is a need to hire or let go of some of these resources. 
  2. How long will the completion of the project take?
  3. How much of the available resources will be dedicated to the project. 
  4. How much is the expected budget of the project?

Key Points to Remember While Forecasting

Study the project

Resource allocation is different from handling human resources as it requires a more detailed examination. Make sure to read the project plan thoroughly to get an idea of what type of skills and how much of them will be required to churn out the optimum. 

Consider past projects

Review your organization’s previous projects. Look at the resource allocation, process of completion, and quality of work presented. This will help you carry out the task at hand in a more composed manner. 

Hire or let go?

The project might require you to let some FTEs go or hire some more for efficient working. While hiring new people, look at 

  1. Successful projects they have undertaken and their contribution. 
  2. If they have the necessary skills required for the job.

Forecasting acts as an essential tool in determining a company’s success and reputation in context to project contracts. The above-mentioned strategies should help you to get a better idea of how to drag a project to prosperity within your organization’s budget and resource capability.

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