How to Add Google Product Category in Shopify

Google product categories are product classifications based on their type. Each product category contains a large number of similar products. A few categories include Apparel, Accessories, Arts, Entertainment, and so on. Categories like Apparel and Accessories stocks a wide range of items related to the category, such as bags, shoes and clothes. These categories are set by Google, but you can customize your product if it does not fit into any of them.

In general, Google’s constantly changing product – Taxonomy, assigns all products automatically. However, the seller has the option of grouping their products into more specific product categories. Tagging high-quality images, enhancing descriptions with proper titles, and including GTIN information will guarantee that your product is correctly classified.

Requirements for Google Product Categories

Google has set some product identifiers to categorize its products. The following are some requirements which are essential to add a product to any of the product identifiers-

Apparel and Accessories

For a product to belong to the Apparel and Accessories category, it needs some crucial but variable details personal to an individual.

  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Color
  • Size

Media Products 

This category consists of music, vidoes, podcasts, etc. UPC, EAN, or JAN are among some of the unique identifiers for this division. These identifiers differ depending on your country, media type and origin. 


They need standard identifiers such as Global Trade Item Numbers(GTIN), Manufactures Part Number(MPN), and brand names for special products. The GTIN helps identify your product as richer and easier during searches. Additionally, books and journals require an ISBN authenticity 

How to add Google Product Categories to Shopify 

Set up Google shopping app

You have to set up the google shopping app from your Shopify store to start the process. Login into your Shopify account and install the app. Add the required details to create a Merchant Center Account. 

Update product data 

 Step 1: Open the Google Shopping App

Go to your Shopify admin page, tap the app button in the left-hand ‘Apps’ menu, and then select Google Shopping.

Step 2: View the Synced Items

Now, go to the overview page and tap on the ‘Product Feed’ section. You will spot a product status section here. Choose the link next to it to get a larger view.

Step 3: Customize if Necessary

If your product does not have a listed GTIN or MPN, go to ‘Edit Google Shopping’ and create a suitable category for your synced brand. Attach the necessary details, such as age, gender, color, and so on, for custom brands.

Step 4: Save the Updated Data

Now click on Save to store the updated data.

Optimize product details and titles for Google

Optimized Product details can draw additional attention to your shop on Google products, which is where SEO plays a crucial role. They will assist you in improving your brand’s ranking in Google’s shopping category.

Step1: Go to your Shopify admin page, click on Apps and then choose Google shopping.

Step 2: Access the Merchant Center account, Find out the SEO product title from the “product Title Preference” section. Then, pick a suitable title for your product.

Step 3: For description, go to “Product Description Preference” and click on the SEO product description to use an optimized product database.

Check product status 

After completing the aforementioned steps, go to the product page to check your product status. The product may hold any of the following statuses-

  • Not approved: Not approved means that your products are not synced due to errors or a lack of adequate data.
  • Pending: This status indicates that your products are in the row to be enlisted. Perhaps there have been some recent changes to the products in Shopify. The delay in synchronization will be fixed after a while.
  • Approved: Approved indicates that your products have been classified successfully.


While businesses are shifting to the online mode, it becomes difficult to make products stand out in the eyes of the customers. Through Google product category, Google works out whether your product matches the searcher’s query, making it more reachable. Therefore, leveraging Google product categories can be a crucial step towards achieving your business goals. 

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