How to automate Google reviews for local business

Professional critics who write for magazines used to alter the tides for local businesses worldwide. However, with the emergence of sites such as Google Maps, ordinary people now can make their opinions heard through evaluations.

Why should one write a Google review?

While it’s improbable that all of them are genuine, Google reviews are a popular tool for customers to utilize when deciding whether or not to support a business.

Google evaluations are an excellent source of information about a company, particularly details that aren’t generally available on their social network accounts.

Businesses, for example, may not have vital facts such as whether they accept pets, have wheelchair-accessible facilities, understand sign language, adhere to immunization policy, or treat members of the LGBTQ+ community equitably.

However, for these reviews to be objective, ordinary consumers must also take the time to write them, regardless of whether their experience was fantastic, mediocre, or disappointing.

How can local businesses get more Google reviews?

Ask for a favor

If your consumers have had a pleasant experience with your company, they are frequently delighted to “pay it forward” by leaving a positive review. Therefore, your customers will feel less obligated if you phrase your request as a “favor.” Surprisingly, this increases their likelihood of complying with your request. 

Requesting a favor demonstrates your faith in your consumers, allowing them to help you and your company.

Most delighted clients will gladly post a favorable business review if approached appropriately. Get as many “favors” as possible because Google will highlight any three of these evaluations in your Google Review Summary area. 

While getting clients to post a Google business review is a significant accomplishment, keep in mind that Google’s algorithm is also looking for the correct evaluations.

Where to ask for the review?

  • In-store – Train customer care representatives to ask consumers for reviews at the checkout. Giving them a card with their receipt that tells them where to submit comments is also a good idea. Companies frequently reward this behavior with registration into a competition or a discount.
  • Via Email – Email is one of the simplest ways to request additional Google reviews. This method is highly efficient when using a Review Platform like because you can automate your review requests.
  • On your website – Don’t forget to solicit feedback on your website! Consider a post-checkout popup linked to your Google My Business page to make things even easier for customers.
  • On social media- Your followers are there for a reason: they like you! Use their devotion to your advantage by publishing a post inviting them to leave you a Google review.

Give them a reason

Giving a justification for your request boosts the likelihood of your customers complying by up to 33%. In 1978, a Harvard professor conducted research that proved the potency of the word “because”.

The study concluded that giving someone a reason for your request will boost your chances of success regardless of the cause. 

Make sure to mention a rationale for your request for a review. “Because we’d love to hear your views” or “because we care about what you feel about our company” maybe just a few more words, but they can go a long way toward increasing your review response rate.

While there are many more technical reasons for requesting reviews, such as improving local SEO to increase online authority and trustworthiness and providing current feedback to prospects, you should keep explanations simple.

Be thankful for the review

Gratitude is always a good notion when it comes to customer service.

Response rates climbed considerably when thankfulness was expressed in advance in a cold email response research.

When a business acknowledges client feedback through reviews, it can improve customer service.

Automate the reviews

Everyone would have automatic review software like Weave in a perfect world.

Review software allows you to ask a customer for a review just after they’ve engaged with you, so they get the request when they’re most likely to provide you feedback.

The request usually contains a link that they can click. Then, they’ll be sent to a review site such as Google or Facebook, where they may offer feedback in minutes.


When you enhance your business image, the possibilities for development and growth are practically endless. Google reviews can help you build a trustworthy, dependable, and robust brand in the digital market. As a result, a reliable automated system for requesting and obtaining Google reviews is critical to a company’s performance and long-term viability. Entrepreneurs that realize this potential and aren’t hesitant to include it in their processes are more likely to succeed. So start collecting those Google reviews right now, and your future self will thank you later.

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