How to Create and Verify Your eBay Account

Creating and verifying your eBay account is not a big deal. eBay is well known American e-commerce platform located in California that facilitates business to business, business to consumer, and consumer to consumer. eBay was established in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar and it became a prominent victory story of the dot com bubble. It is the most successful and oldest e-commerce website on the internet.

Still, it does not sell anything itself because it allows people to list products for sale. It facilitates those who research and come to buy and these users can bid it on auction. In recent days eBay has introduced additional options to purchase products on face value and succumb price bids for them.

Its eBay account free or have to pay any cost?

If you see an eBay item listing is not free but its registration is free. So, you have to pay a fee to eBay for every product listing that is for sale and for the product also what is actually sold. Here are some fees examples for eBay store subscriptions.

  • For starters $7.95 is a monthly subscription fee and $4.95 is the yearly renewal charge.
  • Intended for basic $27.95 is monthly subscription fee besides $21.95 is yearly renewal charges.
  • For premium $74.95 is the monthly subscription fee and $59.95 is yearly rekindling custodies.
  • Aimed at anchor $349.95 is a monthly subscription fee and $299.95 is yearly renewal charges.

How to Create eBay Account

I am here to share with you the process of account creation so follows my steps to avoid mistakes

  • Visit the registration page
  • It will open in new tab or may be new windows
  • Now you will enter you name email details
  • In the next point will select your password and make sure a strong password selection and not detectable easily
  • Then select create account
  • While selection account creates button, you will have to be agree to accept eBay user agreement terms and notice of user privacy

How to Create eBay Seller Account?

  • Before starting selling on eBay you need to create a seller account. And there is a need to register if you don’t have before. In this stage, you can select a business account or personal account. It is up to your interests
  • Follow me to create an eBay selling account
  • Browse the eBay website you want to get registration as eBay has many websites
  • Then go to the registration area
  • You have options to select business and personal accounts and you will select according to your registration
  • Put required information and press to register
  • Press sell which is at the top area of eBay page

Now you will be needed all further coming steps that all required for item listing and the initial seller registration process including.

How to Verify eBay Account?

  • You have decided to sell on eBay, signed up and create eBay seller account.
  • After this you need to complete your eBay account verification process to start listing and selling on this platform.
  • When you logged in your account then sign it into seller hub or my eBay.
  • And follow the instructions on the page to confirm micro deposit money to verify eBay account.
  • Micro deposit funds will be withdrawn from your checking account once your verification process completed

Why You Need eBay Verification?

The verification is stereotypically used to stop spammy boots from endeavouring to sign in or hack your account. In this process, you will fill captchas and by filling this you will recognize you are not a boot. In addition, eBay has made some changes in the sign-in process and added some extra verifications like two-step verification is an example of this.

How to check eBay Personal Profile

  • Navigate eBay and move to the listing for auction of sellers for what you are looking for and want to checkout
  • Here click on name option of seller account in the seller information area on the right side of the page if you want to visit that person’s profile page.

Final Words

eBay is a very safe platform for everyone but you need to know how to operate and work with buyers and sellers. Yes, you need a PayPal account for eBay usage and now on eBay sellers can sell without PayPal as well because its platforms have combined with the protection of PayPal. And when you get an invitation from eBay you need to provide them with your bank account details and confirm your distinctiveness as well

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