How to Hire Native English Freelance Writers

freelance english copywriter

There are ample amounts of writers. Their excellence in grammar, punctuation and the English language is superior. However, everyone expresses their thoughts and ideas in different ways. This article has listed down a few ways to hire the best freelance English copywriter for you and your businesses.

freelance english writer
Freelance English Writer

Some can communicate their ideas much more effectively by presenting their points in writing. A business must hire the desired freelance writers from among the choice. 

Know Where to Find a Freelance English Writer

To locate a freelance English copywriter, you must first discover where to look. There are numerous sources from where you might hire freelance English copywriters.

websites to find a freelance english writer
Websites to find a freelance English writer

However, not all of these locations will provide you with the most qualified writers for your project. As a result, discovering the finest places to hire writers can save your time on the search. 

Famous Websites –

Various good sources over the internet list writers from the United States and the United Kingdom. Some of these websites include, Glassdoor,, etc. These websites can fulfill the said requirement of finding a native English freelance writer. 

However, the available resource on websites is too scarce and expensive. Google search in such cases gives a better alternative to some specific website. Google Search helps you find the English content writers that match your niche. For example, if you want content for your website about cryptocurrency, all you need to do is type “cryptocurrency native English freelance writer.” 

LinkedIn, Social Media Platforms –

Another effective mechanism can be wide-reaching social media handles. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent resources for locating freelance English copywriters. Facebook is more effective for identifying native freelance English writers and other creative professionals. Find Facebook Groups for authors having large and active groups of people and belonging to native English-speaking groups sharing similar interests. You can find members’ posts in this area. If you like the content they generate and share with the community, you can get in touch with them to discuss the possibility of partnering. 

LinkedIn conducts a simplified search for freelance English writers as a professional social networking site than other traditional methods. 


Once you have handpicked a list of writers for the English content writing job, it’s time to take a closer look at each of the candidates and see if they are perfect for the job.

When selecting a freelance English copywriter, one of the many aspects to consider is the writer’s ability to write well. Even if the writer is capable of producing fine pieces in their sleep, if s/he is challenging to work with, you may not want to employ them in the first place if this is the case. 

What kind of inspiration does the freelance English copywriter need before starting a piece, or is this character a dependable source of information when it comes to writing? Some authors require time to allow their creative juices to flow before writing. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you run the danger of hiring an unreliable writer who depends on their mood for writing on any particular day. 

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If freelance English copywriters have other clients on the side, you can’t hold it against them. On the other hand, you may come across authors who will utilize their existing workload as leverage to negotiate a greater rate of pay with you. Nonetheless, you’re not sure where their allegiance is genuinely rooted. They may be saying the right things right now. However, behind your back, they could be concentrating on their other clients and devoting little or no effort to your initiatives. 

Test and Trials 

Once you have chosen a writer from a pool of candidates, you should ask them to write an article for you on the topic of your choice. Give the English writers a deadline of 24 hours to complete the article. Some authors aren’t interested in writing a sample piece for you, which is good in most cases. This will enable you to distinguish between lazy writers and serious writers right away. 

When freelance English copywriters write at their best, the sample pieces they have submitted are excellent indicators of their abilities. As a result, an actual writing task will help you observe how they function in a real-world situation. The writers will only offer you the best work they have produced up to this time. 

test and trials
Test and Trials

What level of quality will the job the English writers be providing to you be in comparison to the samples they offered you earlier? Is it possible for them to perform successfully under time constraints? Is it possible for them to thrive with or without instructions? These are the questions you can address in the test article they will compose for you. 

Finally, while indicating the number of words or the tone of voice to be used and offering the resources to be used for the piece would be appreciated, it isn’t required. This would provide the freelance English copywriter the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to conduct thorough research and write the piece on time. Little instructions also offer kids the freedom to compose an article that reflects their unique personalities and interests.

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I hope that by now, you have gained quite a deep insight into the process of hiring the best-suited freelance English copywriter. It is now time to plunge into searching for the right freelance English writer for your English content and make the best use of it.

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