How to Increase CTR To Get More Ad Clicks?

How to Increase CTR To Get More Ad Clicks

Click-through rate, CTR is the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times the ad is shown to the web users. It measures the effectiveness of an ad campaign. For an ad campaign to be successful, this must be high.

If this rate is higher, it implies that a potential audience is engaging with the business’s product or service and may convert into a buyer of the product or service. When ad campaigns are not managed effectively, it will lead to low CTR and little or no traffic to your website. Read further to know various ways to increase CTR to get more ad clicks.

Best Ways to Increase CTR

Here are some ways on how to increase CTR to get more ad clicks:

Quality score: Quality score is a metric that rates each keyword in your account on a scale of one to ten. It calculates the quality of your ads and predicts the experience that potential customers will get when they click on the ad. Higher quality scores will imply high CTR as these ads will have higher rankings. Quality of landing page, ad copy, and display of keyword in ad headline affect the quality score of the ad.

Ad extensions: There are about ten extensions available. One must use these extensions to increase the size of the ad and its relevance, which will lead to an increase in CTR.

Sitelink ad extensions are added below the ad’s text which takes users directly to specific pages of your website. It will increase the visibility of your ad that will lead to higher traffic to your website. Using this extension, keywords will be displayed in bold which will engage more potential users, hence increasing CTR.

Call extensions make your business more accessible to the customers as they can reach you in a click. It is more beneficial for brands where customer calls are frequent during sales. If one sets up a google number while using this extension, one can count calls as a conversion in Adwords if they exceed a particular limit specified by you.

Promotion extensions allow businesses to highlight certain offers which will get displayed under their ads. It will attract users that are more likely to make a conversion. Monetary discount, a percentage discount, up to monetary discount, and up to percentage discount, are four different types of promotion extensions. These offers can be specified for a limited period.

Price extensions showcase a business’s products or services with their respective prices to the users. It will only apply to the ads at the top of the search page. It helps users know what exactly matches their requirements and turn it into a conversion. It improves quality scores and increases CTR.

Location extensions allow the potential audiences to find your business’s location by displaying your address, a map to the address with the ad. It permits people to be more accessible to your business.

All these extensions help to improve traffic to your website and CTR. Some other extensions are callout extensions, lead from extensions, and app extensions.

Try various ad types: Adding one ad in an ad group is not enough. One should add three to four ads in an ad group. Let these ads to display to the users and use analytics tools to measure their efficiency. If an ad performs poorly, pause them and try modifications of better-performing ads. It will help in identifying which type of ads engages customers and which are helpful in increasing CTR. Switch off bad performing ads before adding newer ads. Too many ads in an ad group decrease its relevance leading to lower CTR. It is one of the ways on how to increase CTR to get more ad clicks.

Keyword groups: Ads containing more than twenty keywords leads to less CTR instead of increasing it. Adding keywords that are synonyms, abbreviations, and acronyms do not add value to the ad. The ad that appears to the user is likely to include a keyword that the user did not search for. The quality score of the ad is also affected. The solution to this is to use keywords that are closely related or divide these keywords into small groups into different ad groups.

Ad copy: The ad copy that users see must be engaging and stand out from competitors’ advertisements. Highlight the unique selling points your ads must answer, why the user should click your ad, and what they will get. Highlight your deals and offers and must have a clear call to action. The Ad copy must have a good flow, try writing the first description line that intrigues the user, and the second description line must relate to the first one. Adding too many stops and questions can disrupt the rhythm of the ad copy. It must encourage users to make a conversion.

Pricing in ad copy: Adding prices in your ad copy allows audiences to compare prices with your competitor without visiting the website. It makes it easier for the users to see the offers and deals that a brand presents. Using ad extensions, one can add prices in their ad copy. It is another way to increase CTR to get more ad clicks.

Remarketing campaign: A business can market its products or services to specific audiences. This audience can be users who are already familiar with the company. A brand can create ads to encourage the sale of newer products to existing customers. As this audience is already familiar with the brand, they are more likely to click the advertisement, hence leading to an increase in CTR.

Value addition: The ad must not only focus on a business’s products or services. Identify what users want and prepare an ad copy that solves their query. Provide users with a reason to click, it must add some value to them.

The above mentioned are various methods to increase the click-through rate. With a higher CTR, your organic search positions will get a raise. Visibility of your products or services will increase, which intends to higher conversions. Higher CTR will also lead to higher quality scores of the ad. To sum up, a higher CTR will be beneficial for the business.

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