How to Insert Font Awesome Icons in Block Editor

insert font awesome icons

You can add a Columns block to the block editor, which adds two columns of paragraph blocks. This columns block is exceptionally adaptable. You can add up to six columns in a row and use other blocks within each column.

What is Font Awesome?

Font Awesome is an icon library and toolkit used by millions of designers, developers, and content creators on the internet. It will give you many high-quality icons and graphic elements for your website.

It is the most popular icon set and toolkit in the world. Creators currently have 16,083 icons in 68 categories and 5 styles (plus brands! ), with more on the way. Font Awesome makes it easy to incorporate icons into your projects.

insert font awesome icons

And, with WordPress Gutenberg making it much easier for users to create beautiful and functional web design, the market for similarly fabulous icons is higher than ever.

In this article, we will talk about how to incorporate Font Awesome with WordPress seamlessly. This way, you can use Gutenberg blocks to highlight its drawbacks on any post or page of your website.

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Installing Font Awesome on WordPress

There are several methods for installing Font Awesome on WordPress. Your decision will be based on what best meets your needs.

That being said, the methods for integrating Font Awesome into WordPress are listed below.

Manually set up by copying and pasting your Kit Code

  1. You can get to your Kit Code by logging into your Font Awesome account. If you don’t have an account, you can access the free version provided by them.insert font awesome icons
  2. After you finish setting up your account, you should see your Kit Code on your dashboard.see your kit codeHowever, by serving the icons before clicking the “Copy Kit Code” button, you can serve them much faster and more efficiently.
  3. Go to the Settings page and select the Pro radio button for Icons and the SVG radio button for Technology.

go to the settings page

You not only get access to premium icons, but you also get automatic subsetting. It loads icons that are only used for your projects, reducing API requests and increasing loading speed.

When converting icons to SVG files instead of web fronts, you can, among other things, customize the appearance of the icons. However, not all browsers recognize SVG and display icons correctly. When deciding between the two, keep this in mind.

If you already have a plugin that allows you to embed code in the header section, such as WPBeginner’s Insert Headers and Footers plugin, you can copy and paste the Kit Code into the header section.

To enable Font Awesome on your site, save the changes. You can now insert font awesome icons on your site.

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Use the Font Awesome official plugin

There are numerous WordPress plugins available to assist you to insert font awesome icons on your site. Among the many plugins available in the official Font Awesome plugin.

use the font awesome official plugin

After installing and activating the plugin, you can configure it to your liking.

You can load the icons from the Kit Code (as in the previous setup) or from a CDN. The latter does not necessitate the creation of an account in order to access the Kit Code. The former, on the other hand, will insert font awesome icons on your site much faster and more efficiently.

Connect to externally hosted Font Awesome icons

It’s best to insert font awesome icons on your server if you want complete control over how they appear on your website.

You can only include files of icons that you will use on your WordPress site if you host them yourself. Doing so can keep the site lean and bloat-free, resulting in faster loading than if you took a different approach.

Having said that, this method is best if you have some web development experience. If you don’t know how to code, you should stick to the ways described above.

Go to the font-awesome official page and download the zipped file containing all of the Font Awesome files. The page also outlines the precise steps for correctly configuring the files in your hosting account.

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Making Use of Font Awesome Icons

Once you’ve correctly configured the Font Awesome icons, you’re ready to insert font awesome icons on any of your WordPress posts and pages.

  1. To begin, decide which one you want to use from the gallery.choose from gallery
  2. After you’ve decided on an icon, click the “Start Using This Icon” button and copy the HTML code.start using this icon
  3. Use the HTML block under Formatting in the Block editor and paste the code there. If you did everything correctly, you should see the icon on the preview page.
  4. The ability to customize and edit the appearance of the icons is what makes Font Awesome so great as an icon pack. For example, inserting “fa-5x” into the code causes the icon to be five times larger than its normal size.

insert font awesome icons

You can start creating quite interesting web designs and layouts for your site visitors by understanding the different commands for customizing your Font Awesome.

Font Awesome alters your approach to web design and even content creation. Users can end up leaving a much more lasting effect on your site visitors by using its dynamic and eye-catching icons.

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