How to Integrate WP SmartPay into your WordPress Site

Regarded as the lightest and the most powerful WordPress plugin for allowing digital downloads so that they can be easily sold – this very tool is rightly the need of the hour. WP SmartPay helps in collecting donations, besides keeping a tab on payments and in a sense accepting them and making it one of the easiest modes of accepting money. Experts suggest that in many instances, one does not need a pretty sophisticated store or checkout process. Instead, if one follows the rules and pays attention rather easily, one is bound to script success right from the word go. To extract all the possible help, one just needs a simple payment form. And, that’s it! To get started, these are just the basics, one needs to keep in mind before taking the final call.  

How to begin

Once you are able to combine WP SmartPay into the WordPress site, you will be able to sell products pretty hassle-free and what’s more, you will be in complete liberty so far as providing your audience with the checkout is concerned. When it is a matter of installing it, the easiest way to install WP SmartPay is to make a regular search for it via the website’s dashboard. The sooner you are able to locate it, the better it is. You need to visit the dashboard’s ‘Add New Plugin’ section, followed by making a determined search for “SmartPay” and then install it by clicking the ‘Install Now’ link. And, when the installation gets finished, you must wrap up the overall process by clicking ‘Activate Plugin’. Soon, you will be able to see a new menu item ‘SmartPay’ on your dashboard.

Other benefits

Furthermore, it should be also mentioned that you will stand out far from the hustle and bustle of your counterparts, in case you follow these simple methods. Your payment option becomes even more feasible if you set up a payment form and start accepting credit cards and other possible payment options such as PayPal on your WordPress site by simply using the Paddle payment gateway. As an easier alternative, built-in paddle integration can work wonders for you as it enables you to accept credit card and PayPal payments. 

For the record, WordPress SmartPay remains an easier and readily available option for startups, anyone involved in business, consultants, and developers. In simple words or a nutshell, it is for anyone desirous to sell digital products and on the flipside collect payments in a jiffy with the minimal setup. There could be pertinent questions that could arise in the minds of the users whether using it will slow down the system’s speed. Well, make no mistake – this very process will never leave a decreasing effect on your computer. There could be other apprehensions that people from non-technical backgrounds or those who are relatively not experts or tech-savvy persons could suffer in the long run. This is not at all a correct fact. People from other backgrounds too can easily use and handle this entire process without much rejig. As this entire process does not boast of any particular coding or different and perplexing process – those from non-technical backgrounds too can make every use of it easily.

It’s a code-free solution, this helps the entire process and the user as well. Once you have got hold of all the technicalities, this works as a sort of defense mechanism technique as the overall workflow is pretty simple and transparent. Once the WordPress site seems complete with the setup, you need not need to look backwards. From here on, everything appears to be in a smooth transition and the only apparent way is to look forward. No matter how difficult and complex the scenario seems to be, once the WordPress site setup seems to be under your control, you can easily install WordPress SmartPay and in the process, end up selling digital products and in a sense flaunt off your digital expertise skills, etc. What is even more exquisite and helpful is the fact that creating a payment form is basically just a click of the mouse. However minimal or less significant this could actually sound or seem – it is in realistic terms – an overall process.

Issues a user can face

To talk about a major issue faced on a large scale, many users raise a huge outcry over the fact that not all themes support the WordPress site. But, to make matters easy and less complicated, it goes even without asserting that WordPress SmartPay is bound to function well with any well-coded theme built to support WordPress. Website HTML is built in such a way that will make the process seemingly appear easier given the fact that it is controlled well and is put to test logically and with a rational mind altogether. Thus, it increasingly becomes a significant step for the user as well because a slight mistake could make the whole process seem fragile. To talk about the internal options readily available, the HTML process is vehemently coded in such a profound way that it ensures maximum speed and minimum interference between the concerned theme and the plugin. As already stated, it only makes the overall process seem on the easier front and the job becomes less monotonous and mechanical. Furthermore, automatic updates are readily available free of charge to all respective users who take control of the WPS and it actually works in a pretty consistent way.


It becomes imperative to state that all the users with a valid license key are bound to have a good experience and script success in a pretty easy and hassle-free way. 

Like all certain things, if WPS is taken into consideration and one who is apt and efficient in handling this is to take full-fledged control; scripting inherent success is just a matter of time!

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