How to Market Your New EyeLash Business

How to Market Your New EyeLash Business

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of attracting prospective clients or customers to your products and services. “Process” is the important word in this definition. Marketing entails conducting research, boosting, selling, and disseminating your goods or services.

This discipline examines the advertising companies to attract, acquire, and customers retention by satisfying their needs and wants and instilling brand loyalty.

4Ps of Marketing:

 The 4 Ps of Advertising is a simple formula for identifying and working with the crucial components of your marketing strategy. 

1. Product 

Having a product is essential, as it is the foundation of all marketing. A product can be anything a company provides to its customers to meet a need. The best course of action is to base your product or service on how the product would benefit the consumer, rather than the physical characteristics or attributes of the object.

2. Place

Strategic merchandising locations can vary from an online store to a network of physical stores spread across several towns or countries. The distribution strategy aims to provide potential customers with easy access to your products/services while also providing a positive experience throughout the purchasing process.

3. Price 

The cost of your products and services is a critical component of your marketing strategy. This factor has an effect on other factors, such as the profit margin you hope to achieve.

  1. What is your target market, and how much purchasing power do your customers have? Do you want to enter the luxury or mass markets?
  2. What are the financial objectives of the company?
  3. What are the prices of the competition’s products, and what product substitutes are available?
  4. Fads and trends
  5. You are increasing your price to give a better impression of quality.

4. Promotion 

This refers to all marketing and communication to highlight the benefits of the product or service in the market. That’s how you boost sales.

How to Market an Eyelash Business:

1. Referral Programmes

Referral programs produce the most effective type of marketing — word-of-mouth. Give your clients a reason to tell others about their experience at your salon. For example, when a new customer mentions your name on a digital platform, offer a 10-15 percent discount on their next service, such as eyelash extensions. People are much more likely to use a service or product suggested to them by a trusted source, such as a friend. It will go a long way with current and prospective customers.

2. Form alliances 

Building relationships with other business owners and cross-promoting each other’s services is significant, particularly in the beauty industry. For example, trading (exchange of services rather than payment) with a local hairstylist.

3. Direct Mailing Campaign 

This technique may appear to be archaic, but it places your company’s name firmly in the hands of potential customers. People can quickly scroll past your Instagram story, delete your email, or browse away from your carefully curated eyelash extension ad, even though digital marketing appears to be more up to date. On the other hand, they can’t seem to get away from their physical eyelash extension marketing materials. Even if they file it under “Junk” mail, they’re more likely to remember your brand’s name the next time they’re looking for some gorgeous new eyelash extensions. 

4. Hygiene Practices 

You may not consider promoting your hygienic safety practices as a marketing strategy, but in a world shaken by COVID-19, proper hygiene can make all the difference. Clients will feel more at ease with a lash artist who makes an effort to keep one’s workstations clean and uses sanitized tools to create glamorous lash looks. When trying to promote your enterprise, eyelash extension ad campaigns that include a brief description of how you keep your studio clean can increase business.

5. Product Samples 

Consider giving a client a product sample, such as mini eyelash extension, safe mascara wands, when they come in. They will not only enjoy trying out new products from a lash professional they trust, but it may also encourage them to return and invest in additional products. They’ll want more once they see how high-quality and valuable your products are. 


Create a marketing strategy for your company that is special to you. This will undoubtedly set you apart in the lash world. For example, consider hosting an event or party at your salon. Current clients will certainly bring friends to the event who will join your client list.

Other unique eyelash extension promotion ideas include volunteering or donating your services. The central objective of public relations is to give potential customers a favorable impression of your company.


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