Increase Page Speed and SEO Scores

Would you wish to improve the speed of your website? Here is all you need to know about increasing the speed and responsiveness of your WordPress website. To assist you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why speed is so crucial, as well as suggestions for how to speed up your WordPress site quickly.

The year is 2021, and the consumer has an abundance of options. As a result, search engines prioritize quality over quantity when displaying results to consumers. The difference between being on the front google page and the tenth page is mostly determined by the speed and performance of your website.

Why Does Page Speed Matter?

If you need to understand how well your WordPress site is doing, you must perform a speed test. A sluggish website is despised by everyone (even Google!). The Google Page Experience change will help your business if you put the needs of your customers first. There’s still more.

  1. Site speed has an impact on SEO. Page load time is an essential factor in Google’s algorithm, according to Google. To ensure that a visitor they send your way has an enjoyable time, Google demands to learn that they will be satisfied with the experience. The Core Web Vitals will be a ranking element in Google’s algorithm when it is updated in June. To improve user experience, Google has established the Core Web Vitals as a set of criteria that must be met for a website to rank highly in search results.
  2. Crawlers have an easier time navigating sites that load quickly. Web crawlers, who have limited resources and may deprioritize the website if it is too slow, are discouraged from crawling a page that takes too long.
  3. Conversion rates are affected by the speed at which a page loads. It’s also important from the standpoint of the user experience since a sluggish website just does not cut it anymore. You just have a few seconds to capture and hold the attention of your visitors. People will click away from your site if there is even the slightest delay. Having a fast-loading website is essential to any online strategy. To encourage users to take action on a webpage, the page must load quickly. We’re all in agreement on this point
  4. A high bounce rate is a sign of a slow website. Because your competition is only a click away, perhaps one of your promotional objectives should always be to outpace them. Even if your content and product are top-notch, a sluggish website will negate the hard work you’ve put into its design and development. Keep away from the website.

Latest Image Optimization Tool for WordPress:

1. Imagify

To reduce page load time and enhance overall site efficiency, the Imagify WordPress plugin is a valuable addition to any WordPress website.

2. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Over 300,000 people use ShortPixel, a WordPress image optimization plugin, to reduce the size of their photographs.


Because is free, you may want to consider it as an alternative for free WordPress image optimization.

4. Optimole

To speed up the loading time of your website or blog, consider using the Optimole image optimization plugin.

It reduces the file size of JPEG and PNG images while maintaining their quality, resulting in a more pleasurable viewing experience for your site’s visitors.


It claims to minimize picture files by up to 70 percent with Optimus, a WordPress plugin for image optimization.

6.WP Compress

Along with the most common image optimization tools, WP Compress includes a slew of agency-specific features, such as client reports, remote setting, and monthly client quotas.


Smush is a prominent image compression plugin for WordPress, with over a million active installations.


WordPress users may benefit from a large range of image compressing and optimization plugins as a result of the platform’s widespread use and popularity.

Keep in mind that you should never utilize more than one image-optimization plugin at once. If you’re using more than one image plugin at the same time, you run the risk of encountering problems. WP Compress and Imagify are two popular WordPress caching plugins that work well together to provide a fast WordPress website.

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