Influencing and Motivating Virtual Team Members

In order to be successful in business, one needs to have a great team behind them. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a team physically present in the office with them. Situations like a pandemic forces companies – small or large, to go in for virtual engagement and operations. For virtual teams, it can often be tough trying to maintain productivity and motivation during tough and testing times. In this article, we will cover ways in which you can influence and motivate your virtual team members to keep them productive during difficult times.

What motivates people in general?

While different people are motivated by different things, there are some general motivators that tend to work well with people, and team members in general. These include things like recognition, appreciation, and challenges. If you can find ways to incorporate these motivators into your team, you will likely see an increase in productivity and motivation.

Methods for motivating virtual team members 

Listed below are some of the methods of motivating your virtual team members.

It starts with you

One way to influence and motivate virtual team members is by setting a good example. If you are working hard and putting in long hours, your team will see this and be inspired to do the same. You should also be communicative and supportive, letting your team know that you are available to help them with any problems they may be having.

Be clear with your expectations

With virtual teams, it is even more important to be clear with your expectations. Your team members need to know what is expected of them and what the deadlines are. If they are unsure about anything, they should feel comfortable asking you for clarification. By being clear with your expectations, you will help to ensure that your team members are productive and that they meet your expectations.

Encourage virtual team bonding

It can be difficult for virtual team members to bond with one another, but it is important to encourage this bonding. This can be done in a number of ways, such as arranging virtual social events or setting up regular video calls. By encouraging bonding within the team, you will help to create a more cohesive unit that is better able to work together effectively.

Regular and improved communications

It is important to have regular communications with virtual team members, in order to keep them updated on what is happening within the company. This communication should be two-way, so that team members feel like they are able to contribute and give their input. In addition, you should also aim to improve communication channels where possible, such as using video conferencing instead of just audio calls.

Incentivize virtual team members

Another way to influence and motivate virtual team members is by offering incentives. This could be in the form of bonuses or prize draws. By offering incentives, you will encourage your team members to work harder and be more productive.

The importance of communication in motivating virtual team members

As you can see, communication is a key factor in motivating virtual team members. By keeping your team members updated and being clear with your expectations, you will help to ensure that they are productive and motivated. In addition, by encouraging bonding and offering incentives, you will also help to create a more cohesive and motivated team.

The benefits of having motivated virtual team members

There are a number of benefits to having motivated virtual team members. These include increased productivity, improved communication, and increased morale. By taking the time to influence and motivate your virtual team members, you will help to ensure that they are productive and that they meet your expectations.


Although it may be difficult to do so, as a manager you should influence and motivate your virtual team members during trying times. The temptation might be to let them flounder on their own, but this will only lead to decreased productivity and lower morale. By providing clear goals, regular communication, and support during tough times, you can help your virtual team stay focused and motivated. What have been some of your strategies for motivating virtual team members?

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