12 Best Instagram Hacks for Organic Growth

instagram hacks for organic growth

Instagram’s 400 million-plus daily users make it the fastest-growing social media network in the U.S. Instagram users are 58 times more likely to engage with a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 times more likely than Twitter users.

This allows firms to provide consumers with what they want: captivating visual content. Sharing fantastic content with 15 followers won’t help you accomplish business goals.

Today, I’ll be discussing Instagram hacks for organic growth, for small business owners trying to reach their target audience the proper way.

Many businesses believe they can’t fight Instagram’s ever-changing algorithms. Instagram growth techniques can be employed without reinventing the wheel to increase followers, engagement, and profitability.

Here we bring you the 12 most useful Instagram hacks for organic growth for mid-size business owners or start-ups.

1. Plan your Instagram growth hacks.

Before commencing Instagram growth hacks to convert your followers, establish an in-depth approach that serves as a roadmap. Define specific Instagram goals, such as the number of followers and leads you to want by a certain date.

Create a content plan to increase audience engagement. People follow a page because they like its content. Post photographs or films that appeal to your target demographic, and hire a graphic artist or videographer to improve brand perception. You should plan how to include product-, user-, and customer-focused information.

Define how often you’ll post each category. 80 per cent of your Instagram post should focus on emotionally connecting to your audience, while 20 per cent should focus on selling.

Engaging with business-related Instagram posts on other accounts can boost brand visibility. This practice is more effective if you focus on current Instagram postings. Monitor your account and use user-generated material to develop social proof, which will build trust with your audience.

Create a landing page and link it to your Instagram bio to help followers find relevant links. This page can also send traffic into a marketing funnel to turn Instagram followers into customers.

2. Create a business account

You can create a business account to boost your Instagram presence. A business profile grants access to Instagram Analytics, which shows how your audience interacts with you. Adapt your approach to focus on effective efforts and reduce ineffective ones.

3. Plan Instagram captions

You can create an Instagram caption strategy that could help you gain followers. Emojis should fit post descriptions or feelings.

With permission, tag your top customers or employees. Your viewers will enjoy seeing your team. This is one of the best Instagram growth hacks.

4. Use hashtags

Using Instagram hashtags increases your business’s followers. Hashtags boost Instagram followers because the Instagram algorithm shows your post to individuals interested in the hashtag’s topic.

Create branded, group, and campaign hashtags. Your branded hashtag helps your target audience recognise your business. This hashtag lets users see your past Instagram postings.

Include 5-10 hashtags in Instagram posts and more in comments. Preview and Later are useful for saving successful hashtags.

5. Advertise on Instagram

Paid advertising may not seem worth it compared to organic audience growth. It’s vital since social media algorithms are always evolving.

Instagram advertising allows you to reach demographics unfamiliar with your business. It’s accurate and supports photo/video posts, carousel posts, and Story Ads.

Paid advertising can help achieve marketing goals like brand awareness and sales. Cross-promote Instagram advertising on Facebook to reach more people.

6. Use your Instagram Stories

Cross-promote Instagram Stories on Facebook and Instagram to improve post impressions. It’s a popular Instagram marketing tactic. Story Highlights can be used to highlight a noteworthy offering or event. IGTV video content can be highlighted as a story or a post, increasing its visibility and user engagement in the feed. Tap the IGTV icon in the app or download the IGTV app.

Discoverable hashtags can be combined with your current hashtag strategy, clickable links, or social profile references in video descriptions to improve your business’s growth plan.

Brands encourage social media to live streams. It may be worth exploring how Instagram’s plan to transfer live streaming to IGTV with a new button function could help your business.

Promote UGC on Instagram Stories. If someone attended a fitness class at your gym and tagged your business, you can include that story as social proof.

7. Strategize Instagram influencer marketing

When building an influencer marketing campaign, find influencers with comparable goals and interests. Determine if they have a target audience for your business (i.e. blog highlights, brand tag mentions, and sponsored posts).

Check if the brands they’re advertising are complementary to your business. Intellifluence can save time and help with this important step. Search for popular hashtags in your niche and contact suitable, non-competing accounts.

Micro-influencers with fewer than 50,000 followers are more willing to work for less. You can then steadily raise your account size, offering higher payments to people with larger accounts.

You may also wish to include influencer quotes, as these provide social evidence and authenticity. Refer to the source blog post, video, or book. Keep the source handy in case of someone questions it. Tag the influencer for fair credit.

8. Instagram Twitter content

You can post a screenshot or tweet directly to Instagram. Add your Twitter handle and logo to your posts to cross-promote your accounts and expand your following. It’s also a terrific method to keep content fresh since organic reach can drop if you don’t post often. Consider sharing answers, asking questions, and posting amazing stuff.

Start a cross-platform competition. You may maximise visibility across several platforms and reach your audience on their favourite platform, boosting the value of the gift you give away.

9. Discuss in the comments

Many people don’t respond to followers’ posts. Commenting boosts account engagement. Replying to people’ helpful remarks establishes an authentic connection.

Instagram displays an account more often when engagement is high because it wants users to stay on the platform longer. When Instagram users stay longer, advertising revenue increases.

Businesses of any size may use this list of Instagram growth strategies to increase followers, engagement, and customers. Instagram Marketing can help organisations establish stronger growth hacking plans and approaches.

10. Giveaway on Instagram

An Instagram giveaway can boost user-generated content and brand recognition. We advocate adopting a giveaway loop method where you partner with other influencers. This helps the contest become viral and reduces giveaway costs.

You may offer extra entries to users who like all contest sponsors’ accounts, share, and comment on the post. This is a terrific way to encourage user-generated content, which can boost your visibility.

11. Use video

Creating entertaining Instagram Reels increases audience engagement. You can also post your video on YouTube. Instagram circulates videos more than photos, so this is a terrific way to gain followers.

12. Follow contacts

If you have a new Instagram account for your business, follow your contacts first. Two options exist. Connect your Facebook profile to Instagram to follow all of your contacts or just a handful.

Import your phone’s contact information and find individuals to follow. After following people, kindly urge them to like, share, and comment on your posts.


Instagram, one of the most popular social media sites in 2022, can be a daunting environment. There are, however, quite a few best Instagram growth hacks that can assist your business in gaining more followers and establishing a dedicated audience. Although we have examined 12 viable Instagram hacks for organic growth, this list is not exhaustive nor definitive.

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