How to Use Live Chat for Lead Generation?[2022 Guide]

live chat for lead generation

We live in a world where swift fulfilment has become the standard. As a result, customers today expect everything right now, including the option to engage with their favourite brand. This is where a user-friendly live chat lead generation can help. It enables businesses to give excellent customer service but also assists them in generating new leads and better understanding their clients.

Mainstream lead generation platforms have gotten too competitive, from your blog and landing sites to email advertising and social media branding. Because of the growing popularity of messaging apps, live chat provides qualified leads to numerous organizations. While improving the user experience, a live chat feature can reduce bounce rates and customer care costs. The fact that 62% of customers are likely to make a repeat purchase due to living chat choices demonstrates its value. But the question arises is how to use live chat for lead generation?

Best Ways To Use Live Chat To Generate Leads

1: Create a Unique Experience To Generate Leads With Chat on Your Website

Rather than aggressive selling, today’s marketing focuses on providing an experience for the customer. For example, live chat lets you interact with your visitors and provide them with a personalized experience that they will remember, generating leads with chat on your website, allowing them to convert more rapidly.

Use the live chat to analyze the customer’s behaviour and provide them with various resources.

  • When the lead first arrives on your page, welcome them with a polite “hi” over chat. Then, to stand out among the many live chats available, make the greeting exciting and unique.
  • Simplicity is an essential component of tailoring the visitor experience on your page. Make your live chat more intuitive and user-friendly by adding elements.
  • Provide relevant FAQs to your visitors. If you already have a dedicated FAQ website, send your leads there to get answers to their questions.

2: Using Omnichannel Chatbots to Generate Leads

Customers’ online shopping behaviour has genuinely become multichannel. What may begin as a laptop browsing session for your goods may conclude with buyers using their smartphones to visit the brand’s website.

Customers connect with companies and complete their purchases through various channels, both online and offline. This is where real-time live chat lead generation may be very beneficial. You can now record the visitor’s details and start the chat if logged into Facebook and click the messenger button.

More significantly, even if the visitor isn’t registered on Facebook, some live chat platforms will still allow you to record the information of your lead, ensuring that you don’t lose any opportunities.

There are numerous advantages to having an omnichannel live chat connection throughout your website and social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and others. For example, you can do the following:

  1. Keep track of your customer’s purchase and conversation history across all channels.
  1. Take a screenshot of a customer’s Facebook profile to get important information about them (think: name, location, email, contact, language, and so on).
  1. Retarget lost clients with contextual and meaningful follow-up messaging.
  1. Encourage customers to talk about themselves in a hilarious way to increase their involvement.

3: Sync Chatbot With the CRM

You can generate leads with chat on your website by connecting your live chat with CRM, you can provide new prospects with an unrivalled customer experience.

When you sync your live chat with CRM, several data points are automatically transferred to the dashboard. As a result, if your chat agent has access to the visitor’s history via CRM, they can provide hyper-personalized support via live chat. You can tailor your communications to the needs of your consumers, their demographics, and their previous visits.

Integrating CRM and live chat allows you to do the following:

  1. For recurrent visitors and leads, create customer profiles.
  1. Chat agents should be given chat history to steer the conversation better.
  1. Automate the information gathering process.

4: Analyze Data to Gain a Better Understanding of Your Clients

If you’re trying to figure out how to use live chat for lead generation, you’re trying to figure out how to influence people’s behaviour. As a result, you must first comprehend that behaviour before designing more personalized services. This can result in actual revenue because leads are more likely to become customers in the long run. This will help you generate more leads.

This is something that live chat lead generation software can often assist you with. A visitor monitoring option, for example, might provide you with extensive report insights.

Here are some examples of what you could learn:

  1. Where are your visitors from throughout the world?
  1. Which web pages are your visitors looking at?
  1. How many times have your visitors visited your website?
  1. How long have your visitors stayed on a specific page?

Companies may gain a deeper understanding of their customers by analyzing live chat data, which implies better marketing campaigns to create leads and increase sales.

5: Using Surveys Before and After the Chat

Any live chat integration that is to be successful must efficiently and quickly respond to user questions. But, if a buyer is visiting your website for the first time, how will you know what they want?

Again, pre-chat surveys shine in this situation by generating leads with chat on your website.

These surveys can be used to collect user data and learn more about what they’re looking for on the website. In addition, this data can be segregated and used in marketing and sales initiatives in the future.

6: Cross-sell and upsell

Live chat isn’t just for customer service or engagement. For example, you may utilize live chat to upsell and cross-sell to your current and potential customers. You have two options for achieving this goal:

  • Show your visitors the greatest prices on your website by offering promotions.
  • Show them how exceptional discounts and deals can help them save a lot of money.
  • Use the live chat to make product suggestions for your customers. Not only will this improve their purchasing experience, but it will also raise your revenue.

7: As an Incentive, Provide Coupons, Discounts, and Freebies.

It’s time to use your data and customer profiles to target the ideal audience members for promotions once you’ve got a well-oiled live chat for a lead generation machine.

First and foremost, obtain contact information.

Let’s imagine a site user will quit their shopping basket, which is usually due to a price issue. You have a couple of alternatives here, depending on what would work best for your company.

Set a trigger for your live chatbot to engage the visitor with an offer if you have not gathered that person’s contact information. “Are you leaving so soon?” for example. Here’s a freebie for the item(s) in your cart right now: Claim your 20% discount within the next 24 hours.”

By designing coupon-based Facebook advertisements that targeted a cart abandonment group, conversion rates increased by over 1,000 per cent.

These weren’t your typical coupon advertisements, either. Ordinary Facebook coupon advertising is only displayed in the News Feed. So they aren’t imposing.

Instead, they distributed the coupons through send-to-messenger advertising.

This ad style generates more interaction and clicks than traditional newsfeed advertising. Users can also opt-in by replying with a “coupon” to claim their discount, allowing you to engage them with drip campaigns to remind them to utilize the voucher.

So, if they haven’t utilized the discount despite having claimed it, you can always send them helpful reminders to encourage them to do so.

Users will receive their coupon code after clicking the button and opting in. You can also link them to Facebook Messenger Ads if you choose to do so.

While this scenario may not relate, the concept is the same as how to use live chat for lead generation. Identify a performance bottleneck and use chatbot automation to capture revenue that would otherwise be lost.

8: Takeaway

Use the live chat for lead generation, persuade, and engage your website visitors. To improve their experience, provide them with valuable assistance, discounts, and opportunities to participate. The advice in this article will help you harness the power of live chat to generate leads with chat on your website and for your company while improving client engagement at the same time.

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