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Mitrefinch is a labour-management software provider for businesses with moreover 100 employees. Software solution that helps to manage vacation scheduling, sick leave, and other absences is available on-premises and in the cloud. Any ions, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows mobile device can use the system. Mitrefinch provides absence management, scheduling, and HR management solutions in addition to tracking when staff come and goes.

Mitrefinch is a robust, feature-rich work management suite that empowers enterprises to manage their staff. It includes time and attendance, management of human resources, labour costs, absence management, scheduling, and other modules to help with efficient and successful personnel management. The platform’s creators serve approximately 4000 clients globally, ranging from small businesses to large corporations with thousands of staff. They are always investing in research & development in order to improve their operations again for benefit of their consumers. Mitrefinch’s human resource management app will work on your facilities, or they can host it for cloud delivery.


Mitrefinch offers an on-premises system for firms with fewer than 250. (An on-premises solution for a company with 50 employees costs around $7,500, according to the salesperson we spoke with.) There are no extra monthly costs if you run the system with your own servers. A cloud-based option, that costs $150 per month, is another choice. You do, however, retain ownership of all the software. The cloud-based system, according to the sales representative they spoke with, would cost roughly $8 per worker, per month for a company with 50 employees



is a comprehensive attendance system that uses many of the moment and management features that businesses require.

There are several methods for keeping track of time. Employees may clock in or out using classic time clocks, online browsers, and phone applications with Mitrefinch.

Time clocks

with touch screens. Biometric clock solutions are available, which prohibit buddy punching. The fingerprint clocks work besides scanning a visual image of an employee’s fingerprint to document when they set the alarm in and out. To get access to pre-approved places, biometric methods can be used or alone conjunction with such a swipe or device card. Employee security is not ever jeopardized because the system does not maintain fingerprint copies.

App for mobile devices

Mobile devices running ions and Android can use the system. Employees can use the mobile app to clock in and out of certain positions, request time off, and review personal information from distant work sites.

Management of PTO.

The system includes absence management, which keeps track of employee prepayments and allows employees to seek time off, which managers can approve or refuse.


Employers can assign personnel to shifts using Mitrefinch’s scheduling capabilities. It also alerts companies if a shift or schedule change puts them at risk of exceeding their budget. Organizations can use the scheduling tools to ensure that they are complying with employment legislation as well as health and safety regulations.

Additional Points to Consider

Mitrefinch is a valuable timesheet system for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the elements that we found very appealing:

  • The system provides a variety of labor reports that can be customized.
  • Employers can access a consolidated database of worker contract details, benefits, remuneration, vacations, training, and credentials with Mitrefinch.
  • In the case of emergency, the technology provides direct access to the whereabouts of each member of staff to those in control.
  • When needed, customer service is available by phone, email, and in person. Mitrefinch also does systems management health screenings to ensure that the programmed is functioning correctly.


Mitrefinch has two disadvantages. First and foremost, Mitrefinch is intended for businesses that have at least 50 workers. While it is technically possible for small firms to employ it, the cost may well be prohibitive.

With all that in mind, the price expense of this technology is the second disadvantage. Given that the company suggests the on-premises solution for companies with fewer than 250 people, the upfront expenses, which start at $7,500, maybe a substantial barrier for some enterprises.

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