On Page Checklist: A Complete Guide

On Page Checklist

On Page Checklist and some discussion on Domain Name Selection


Think wisely while selecting the domain that What is the future growth of the domain name you select. Choose Partial Matched Domain, so that we can expand the domain and most important is domain name selection because all future expansion and site flipping will be dependent upon this decision, actually. Domain Name is just like the address of your home that plays a vital role in flipping

Let’s suppose, “Best vlogging camera “is the main niche KW

The exact Matching Domain will be: www.bestvloggingcamera.com and Don’t choose PMD Domain like this, because it is not expandable, it will still represent the EMD somewhat. Partial Matched Domain will be: www.thevloggingcamerareviews.com

Similarly, Expandable Domain: A domain which can be converted from Micro niche to Macro niche, later on – cameraexpert.com. First of all, start your earning by putting only one category in a micro-level, extending it later on and then thinking to expand your domain. Niche parent category to be targeted for an expandable domain. E.g. the Best vlogging camera’s parent category is the camera. For this slowly increase the product line/range in the expandable domain and also, future potential of the domain to be planned before start working on it

On Page SEO – CHECKLIST / On Site Important Point

1. URL / Permalink should be short and clean e.g. www.123.com/best-baby-walker/

Keyword Placement in Content

  • Put your main Keyword in URL
  • Put your Main Keyword in Title [H1]
  • Check Google results to start your Title with the Keyword (Take idea from competitors)
  • Put your Keyword in the first 50-100 words (Intro) (include main Niche Keyword in Introduction Paragraph)
  • Put your Main Keyword in Title [H2]
  • Put your Main Keyword in Content body
  • Put your Main Keyword in buying guide
  • Put your Main Keyword in conclusion
  • Put your Main Keyword in Yoast meta description
  • Put your Main Keyword in Yoast Focus Key phrase

On Page Checklist

Interlinking (but within your main Keyword category) and example: kitchen, outdoor or tech

Best kitchen knife, Best gaming mouse => wrong practice

Best Kitchen Knife with the best oven

Check the google search console, Google Analytics => give an internal link from top traffic pages >> to fewer traffic posts – take top 5 pages your site and 3-4 or maximum 6 links can be incorporated.

Best Golf Ball >> Golfguru.net >> start with the ball and then slowly work and add iron, shoes, grips and other accessories to make your site Macro

Give a link to an authority site from your site will be a Do-Follow and never give an outgoing link to your competitor. These links are created to establish a relationship between you and a good authority site. It sends a good signal to Google to rank you. Regularly check all the links made and these links (Internal / External) on your site should be live and there should be no broken links also.

Image SEO

Put your Keyword in Image [ALT TEXT], and in other images related to the exact Product Name. IMAGE SEO | Save your featured image name as your Keyword Name (“Best Vlogging Camera.jpg/png”) and then go to > Properties > Details > Title > Author > Fill all the fields with your main niche Keyword

Check Mobile responsiveness

Inspect the page and click on mobile preview scroll the page vertically / horizontally to check, how the content/images/text responds

Page speed optimization is also covered under on page SEO

SSL should be enabled – it will be done Free from Cloudflare

Dwell Time: Very important for ranking factor. It is the time that the user spends on the content while engaged –

Table of Contents

Might be a table to go directly to the product section in the article and it is basically a user retention/engagement tactic. Similarly, some infographics can also be used to do this

Content structure: content structure should be clean, clear, easily approachable for a visitor. (should use jump up button/table of content should be sticky/different portion of the content should be accessible from anywhere in the page) – user experience should be the best

On Page Checklist

  1. Unique content – a human written content should be used, not AI generated
  •  Content writing Level should be a like that a 8th grade student can easily understand it
  •  Synonym rich content [Don’t repeat same word again and again / use synonyms]
  •  Length of the content – take idea from the competitor
  •  Depth of the content – competitor A, competitor B, analyze the top-20 competitor and include all the points in your article that are missed by your competitors
  •  Freshness of the content: affiliate product which are not available should be replaced with new products so that your content remains like evergreen
  •  Use multimedia images / infographics / videos / social platforms like tweets
  •  Social sharing option should be there
  •  Spelling and grammar need to be carefully checked before posting
  1.  Sub-headings [ H3, H4, H5] keep the sequence in the hierarchy while covering under one H1, H2 Headings
  1.  LSI Keywords must be included in the content
  1.  Use your KWs grouping data properly
  1.  Keyword order: use different versions of your keyword

Best gaming mouse, best mouse for gaming, and better gaming mouse also

  1.  Schema: technical SEO

https://lsigraph.com/ – enter your KW to get the KW that Google loves about your Keywords

Value Added Bonus  

BACKLINKs: Inbound link / incoming links / one-way link is the link from another website to your website 

Type of links – No Follow and Do follow. Juice is passing from your site to the other site, in do-follow (will be covered in detail in near future)

Insert the attribute [ rel=”nofollow”] to make a link NO FOLLOW and juice will not pass to the other page

Internal Links – are the links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain (Links within your own site)

Niche research / On Page is 80% weightage in the SEO

External Links – Links From your website to other websites

Check the KW density from SEOquake extension – open an article and click on the extension – then click on DENSITY

Install Extension NOFOLLOW in chrome to check which content part like text/image / video has got the No Follow attribute in the article

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