On-Page SEO Techniques for Squarespace Sites

seo for squarespace

Every now and again, the world changes, and with it, the content changes as well. The SEO of a website is essential to any digital marketer, and there is always a need to keep up with current standards. We’ll go through some crucial on-page SEO techniques for Squarespace sites in this post to make things easier. In a broad sense, high-quality content provides your website an advantage, but we’ll focus on some particular strategies below.

If you haven’t moved on from WordPress and explored another platform, you should first get a fundamental review of Squarespace. All of your questions will be addressed here, with an easy-to-understand explanation for everyone. We’ll also go further into its intricacies and offer some SEO tips.

What Is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a website-building platform. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows businesses of all sizes to construct professional websites. They offer some fantastic designs/themes that folks may utilize to get started quickly. Squarespace stands out because their platform is straightforward to use, and they’re continually adding new features that are available at the press of a button. You may use this platform to overcome your technological limitations.


So, whether you’re considering setting up a new website or are currently in the process of doing so, moving to Squarespace is a fantastic option. However, several SEO considerations to keep in mind while creating a Squarespace website. We’ve also included some on-page SEO tactics for Squarespace sites further in the post that you might find helpful. Are you interested in learning more about on-page SEO? Let’s see if we can solve this one as well!

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is optimizing web page content for search engines and visitors. The definitive purpose of on-page SEO is to assist search engine crawlers in grasping the meaning and context of your web pages by speaking the search engines’ language. Now that we’ve defined on-page SEO, we can move on to some Squarespace SEO ideas.

on page seo

You can easily adjust your SEO titles, navigation, and web page titles in Squarespace page settings. As a result, this benefit may follow up with some excellent on-page SEO techniques for Squarespace.

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Squarespace SEO Tips

Here are some on page SEO tips for squarespace-

Keyword Research

You might potentially rank for a broad range of various searches connected to the content of your page or site if you properly find the relevant keywords. As a consequence, a keyword objective should be set for each page. To simplify this approach, let’s divide our audience into two groups: those just getting started with a website and those already familiar with it. 

keyword research

Because the competition for keywords is so fierce now for new website builders, they should start with lengthy keywords and work their way down to shorter ones. Moving on to experienced Website builders who are already using Squarespace and are looking for SEO advice, the sole guideline is to locate relevant keywords and employ them correctly. Fortunately, Squarespace also provides a keyword-rich panel for its consumers.

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Internal Linking

 Simply linking across pages as it makes sense is the most incredible method to show Google that your website is a network of related material. By exposing similar information, you encourage users to explore your website after reading the first page they saw, increasing the amount of time they spend there.

Proper distribution of Keywords

Every page should include at least one Heading 1 tag that contains your primary keyword. After that, use Heading 2 headings to split information into pieces, and use Heading 3 titles inside sections if required. You may also utilize keywords in meta descriptions. Going beyond an h3 on specific sites may not make sense unless you advocate profound concepts.

URL Simplification

Squarespace provides preset URLs for your website, helpful but not SEO-friendly. As a result, customizing the site’s URL rather than using Squarespace’s default URL is a crucial SEO tip for consumers. You can change your URL to fit the needs of your website, and a URL should be straightforward and include the essential terms you’re attempting to target.

Customization of 404 Page

Squarespace lets you personalize the “404 error page” that users see when they click on a link that Squarespace is unable to locate.

404 error page

To make a customized 404 error page, go to the Pages area of the Squarespace dashboard and create a new standard page with the content you want to show.

Improvisation of Images

Search engines use Alt-text to identify the image’s content. Therefore, it’s a terrific approach to improve your site’s SEO. In layman’s terms, Alt text allows search engine crawlers to “see” pictures on a website page by providing a text interpretation of the image. When uploading photographs to their website, many individuals overlook this minor element. Making alt text work for you, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward.

Activate SSL

Enabling SSL on Squarespace is helpful for SEO, not just because it’s a good idea but also because it’s a Google ranking factor. SSL increases website security and is thus required for all websites.

activate ssl

However, if you purchased your domain from Squarespace, it will come pre-configured to support the SSL protocol.


Squarespace is an excellent alternative for developers, but the benefits and drawbacks also play a significant part. Although Squarespace includes an SEO panel built-in, it still requires some tweaking to make it work for you. We hope the Squarespace SEO recommendations assist you with your website but remember that perfect implementation is vital. Furthermore, if you develop a website, a quick examination of alternative platforms and their usefulness is essential.

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