Reviews of Tor Project

In this article, we will review the Tor project. Here we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Tor. First, this article will cover privacy on the internet. Secondly, we will talk about the Tor project and how it works. Finally, you will know how it benefits you and the drawbacks of using this network.

Privacy on the Internet

Everyone on the internet (a virtual world) is watching you. People are capable of tracking, stalking you. Therefore, they can conveniently learn about the majority of your activities. Various government agencies, social media sites, and cyber-criminals can access your personal information. In short, your private information is no longer entirely private.

Tor Project

The Tor Project is an organization that focuses on research and development of online privacy and anonymity. Its purpose is to prevent others from determining your location or monitoring your surfing activities.

Thousands of volunteers from all over the world manage to route the traffic of internet users and websites via relays. This technology makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint the source of information or the user’s location.

The Tor package consists of the Tor browser bundle that you may download to take benefit of this technology. You can also enjoy a separate version for Android smartphones.

How it works

Tor is the most effective and frequently utilized network other than the surface web because of the layer upon layer of encryption. It is often known as “Onionland” because of its onion routing. A user’s communication passes through the entry, transit, and exit nodes of the Tor network until it reaches its intended destination. It’s nearly impractical to follow or analyze because of the several hurdles and encryption.


Free of cost: The Tor Browser is simple to download and install. It is absolutely free and open to everyone. You can contribute in the form of a donation as volunteers are managing it. Furthermore, the software is open-source, allowing anyone to examine it.

It ensures that the code remains secure and that no one may use it for any illicit financial gain. You can use Tor on PCs, Macs, and Linux machines. There is also no annoying advertising or cookies.

Security: Tor is a secure browser because of the way it redirects traffic and other security-focused features like NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, and encrypted data. A lot safer than normal browsers.

Scammers and hackers scan popular web browsers for vulnerabilities to exploit. This browser uses a search engine with high security, i.e., the DuckDuckGo search engine. Therefore, your privacy is secure with the help of this browser.

Deep Web: It can also connect to the deep web. Unlike other browsers, Tor can access any site including, most of the deep web. Onion sites are also known as the “black web”. Other than Tor and the Tor Browser, there is no way to access these sites. Of course, only a small percentage of the population is interested in visiting onion farms. However, contrary to popular opinion, these sites are not only for illicit activities. Many journalists, activists, and individuals who support freedom of speech use these sites as well.

Non-indexed pages: You can also find the non-indexed page with the assistance of the browser.


Startup Time: It can take up to sixty seconds to load Tor’s homepage. It can be shocking for frequent users of the streamlined Chrome browser.

Because it connects with available node servers, the browser takes a while to load the first time. This browser takes substantially longer to load than other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Slow Speed: Your connection bounces around the Tor network through multiple nodes. As a result of this system, the connection travels further and takes longer than usual.

Due to its layer-like data distribution and the involvement of at least 3 nodes, it becomes comparably slow. Even with fibre broadband, watching streaming media material can be difficult.

Exit Node: Tor’s mechanism hides an IP address well, but it will be simple to extract data once it exits the last node. As a result, anyone can steal whatever data they want if observing the exit node.

Final Words

You can compare its advantages and disadvantages. In popular opinion, Tor is the best choice for absolute internet anonymity if you use it correctly.

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