SendFox vs Taximail: Which one is the best?

Customizing emails targeted to specific groups of customers daily can feel frenetic and needless to say, is extremely time-consuming. While email marketing might look simple, in reality, it can be extremely tedious. Your email account might get blocked because of spamming if you send emails manually. There are some amazing email marketing tools that will save your time and ease the workflow.

Among several email marketing tools available online, SendFox and Taximail are the most searched ones on the internet. Here is an equitable and straightforward overview of both of the software to help you make a better choice. 


The email marketing software SendFox is for all the content creators like bloggers, influencers, or YouTubers which allows them to send customized emails and newsletters to their subscribers, fans, and followers. If you want to create a simple yet effective email without spending much time and money on it, Sendfox is your go-to option.

Sendfox provides many significant features for ingenious performance at a lesser rate. Its minimalistic design and user-friendly interface are what attract users towards SendFox. The easily affordable factor also makes SendFox stand out from the other email marketing tools.

Your work is only to create quality content for your audience and Sendfox will help the content reach out to your customers and accelerate your growth by generating leads. Sendfox is designed for all the content creators and marketers who do not want to invest a lot of time in email marketing campaigns and yet get the maximum success. 


Taximail is an email marketing management and automation software that will help you to simplify the entire process of email marketing campaigns that includes planning, implementing, and post-campaign analysis.

The drag and drop email interface, the personalization tools, and customizable email templates are some of the noteworthy features of this software that not only aids in the quick and easy creation but also allow you to add your personal touch to your emails. Convenient, isn’t it?

You can also schedule your emails according to date, time and action by using the email scheduling feature. Analyze and create reposts based on the previous email marketing campaigns and filter out the areas that demand improvement. Taximail covers all your email marketing needs in one space. 

Difference Between Sendfox and Taximail In Terms Of Features

Features Of Sendfox

If you prefer a software that is light and agile with all the necessary and advanced features, Sendfox is perfect for you! Given below is the list of Sendfox features:

  • Unlimited branded emails and simple editing: In Sendfox, you can not only create, schedule, and automate your emails, but you can also personalize them in your own style. It also allows you to test an email before sending it out. You can edit your emails in your choice of fonts and color.
  • Simple UI: This is one of the noteworthy features of Sendfox. The clutter-free dashboard and the minimalistic design are the plus points.
  • CRM functionality: This feature enables the users to maintain and boost customer experience.
  • Integrated RSS feed: This feature is one of the main reasons why content creators choose this software. It will automatically send alerts to your customers when new content is uploaded. Thus, it aids in your content promotion without you having to do anything.
  • Analytics to track performance: Using this feature, a user can analyze customer behavior by tracking the number of clicks, opens, subscriber status, IP address, and email activity. Using that data, the user can make the necessary changes accordingly.
  • Mobile responsive emails: This feature allows the users to create mobile-friendly emails so that your customers can check your emails on their mobile phones from anywhere. This helps in increasing the conversion rates as well.

Features of Taximail:

Taximail has given a lot of thought into how they can make your marketing process easy and smooth while helping you gain leads and increase your conversion rates. Given below is a list of the features that Taximail provides to its users –

  • Drag-and-drop email editor: The drag and drop feature of Taximail is indeed an eye-catcher. You can drag texts and images and adjust the layout with a few clicks. In the end, you can preview the final product.
  • Personalization and segmentation: Taximail allows you to personalize your emails by inserting text fields where you can put information about your company or subscribers. You can group your target audiences and send relevant content to each group by using the segmentation feature.
  • Create real-time reports: You can immediately access the statistics after you have sent out your email marketing campaigns to the customers.
  • Automation: This feature will allow you to create sales funnels and campaigns and help you grow your sales in that process.
  • Biz chat: This is yet another appealing feature of this software. It will help you to manage a lot of chat rooms together in one space so that you can keep communicating with your customers while working on a campaign.

The difference in terms of the pricing:


Simplicity and affordability are the two main features that attract users. The pricing of SendFox is also simple and straightforward as it provides only one lifetime plan for $49. You can send unlimited emails and add up to 5000 contacts. But if you add an extra $18 on a monthly basis, you will get the best sending server, HTML editor, and no SendFox branding in your emails.


In the free plan provided by Taximail, you can add up to 2000 contacts while being able to use all the important features of this software. The price range is between $12-$17 per month for 2000 contacts upon choosing the basic and pro package respectively. These packages come with features like Removing Taximail Logo Branding, Indepth result exporting and more.

Final Verdict: Which One To Go For?

The table given below will help you narrow down your choice between these two rather amazing email marketing software:

CategoryName of the softwareReason
Most affordableSendFoxIt offers professional-level features at a lesser price.
Most innovative featuresTaximailThe biz chat and drag-and-drop feature steals the attention from SendFox.
Best software overallSendFoxThe plus point of SendFox is its affordability and simplistic UI.

By now, you must have narrowed down your favourite email marketing tool for your business. Which one did you go for? Let us know!

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