Setting Restricted Software on Company Laptops

There are many software that makes our work easy. We may plan to use them on our company-provided laptops but are unable to run them. This is because the IT departments have laid various restrictions on software that are not approved for use by the management.

Before planning to initiate any kind of installation, users should know that unauthorized or less-known third party software can hog or bug network resources that belong to everyone in the company. The users should be reminded everytime that their desktops and laptops are company-owned property and should only be used according to the use terms of that company.

Why do companies lay restrictions on external software?

IT departments of all organizations, install various restrictions on our laptops and PCs to ensure that company-purchased software run smoothly and no malicious software is being downloaded by any employee. This external software can hamper the confidentiality of any company as it can provide access to content on the laptop to the external software we download and run. The companies can even be questioned about unethical practices in case anything severe happens. This may also question the position of the employee using restricted software. Therefore any step to be taken should be at one’s own personal risk. 

What are the Advantages of using external software?

  • The use of software makes our work easier
  • It helps in better management
  • Software help our enhanced quality of work
  • They reduce the time required
  • Software help in Increased productivity


  • With the help of employee monitoring software, employers can view any software that they access. The IT team has clear information of any abnormal activity happening in the system.
  • When any new software, which is not approved by the company is run on any company-owned system, it damages the functioning of the entire system and often leads to slow speed. The network of the organization belongs to everyone working there, such practices disturb the working of the organization. When IT heads initiate a backend check, they get to know about any unethical practice happening.

Top Apps/Software that you should know about

In our day-to-day life, we have become accustomed to the software and apps and are dependent on them. Various software and apps that make life easier and add great value to a user’s life are mentioned below. These apps have millions of users across the globe.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is used by all media agencies, creative designers use it for Photo retouching and image editing.


Ice Drive provides extra space in the same PC with its extended storage capabilities.


Pcloud allows companies to work collectively by being able to do Project Collaboration.

Planner 5d

This software helps architects to create virtual realistic designs in 2D & 3D models.


A life-saving software that helps companies and individuals recover files from damaged drives.

Express VPN

This software provides protection from scammers and plays the role of a security guard to the PC/Laptop.

Iolo system mechanic

Increases speed and reduces boot time and helps us deliver projects on time with ease.


The most used tool for file sharing, Winzip helps with Zip files, making them easier to share and upload.

Internet Download Manager

This software is a must-have for any PC/Laptop as it increases the download speed.

Steps to Download and run software on company restricted Laptop/PC 

Follow the below-mentioned simple steps and learn how you can download any app or software easily on your company-provided laptop with restrictions.

  •       Download the software
  •       Install or Run the software in the system
  •       Run the command as mentioned cmd /min /C “set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER && start “” %1″
  •       Create a TXT File
  •       Copy this command there
  •       Change the extension from TXT to BAT

In any case, you are unable to do this, follow the below-mentioned step

  •       Click on View
  •       Tick on File name extension
  •       Save the file
  •       Exit

You will now be able to run the software of your choice by just following these simple steps.

Before you proceed with installing an external software, you should notify your IT department or the administration and make them understand the reason behind your action or proposal to install external software. This will save you from breaking any harmony between you and your employer and will aid in your productivity and growth.

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