Techniques for Small Business Marketing in Red Hook, New York

When most New Yorkers think of Red Hook, the first thing that springs to mind is Ikea. Red Hook, though, has a lot more to offer. Being a part of the United States’ largest city while maintaining a seaside hamlet atmosphere is a bit ironic. That is, however, Red Hook.

The shipyards, dry docks, and early 19th century warehouses provide a glimpse into the city’s long past. Red Hook, like Bushwick, is still a little rough around the edges, but that’s exactly how people like it. A trip to Red Hook is a colorful experience because of the mix of artists, craft distilleries, wineries, and quirky restaurants and bars.

A crucial marketing difficulty for businesses in Bushwick and other pseudo-gentrifying districts is how to be unique enough to stand out while maintaining the neighborhood’s character.

Here’s how you can increase your small business visibility multifold

Flyers distribution with Micro and Macro targeting

This is the low-cost advertising method of carpet-bombing. Flyers are delivered to all mailboxes within reach of a potential business location or as per target demographics. Your flyer should be succinct and to the point, emphasizing the services or products you sell and offering contact information. It never hurts to offer a free appraisal, coupon, or discount.


A bulletin board is usually available at public and private establishments where announcements and advertisements can be placed. This method is hit-or-miss, but it should be reasonably visible and have a removable tab for customers to present for a discount. Make each place a different color to get a sense of which tabs are generating the most leads. You can better target your campaign if one place generates the majority of your leads (flyers, ads in local media catering to those areas, cold calling, etc.)

Value Additions and Enchancements

A value addition is an offer that adds value to a product or service. It’s similar to coupons and free appraisals at first glance, but it’s designed to improve customer happiness and provide a competitive edge. Among the most common value enhancements are guarantees, discounts, and point cards. When choosing between two similar stores, the one with a reward card or a preferred customer card wins. You shouldn’t promise the moon. Instead, tell the customer something they didn’t already know about your product or service in your advertising materials once you land them.

Referral Networks

There is nothing more valuable than referral networks for a business, as they often contain client referrals, who are rewarded with discounts or other incentives, as well as business-to-business referrals. If you’ve ever said something along the lines of, “We don’t do/sell it here, but X down the block does,” make sure you’re getting a reference in return.

This network is even stronger in white-collar jobs. Lawyers refer clients to accountants, brokers refer clients to accountants, and real estate agents refer clients to financial planners. In each instance, the professional reputation is at stake. No matter what industry you’re in, you should always strive to build a referral network dedicated to the same values.

You shouldn’t perceive your competitor as an adversary when it comes to referrals. If you can’t accept a job, send it their way. Chances are they’ll return the favor. Additionally, too long a waiting period might affect your reputation.


Advertisements can help you find work, but the next thing you do can often be a more effective marketing strategy. Follow-up questionnaires are a terrific way to determine the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

  • Why did the customer pick your company?
  • How did they find out about it?
  • What other businesses did they consider?
  • What resulted in the highest level of customer satisfaction?
  • What did you find the least satisfying?

Cold Calls

Yes, it’s unpleasant. Is it important? You bet it is.

Whether it’s phone cold calls or door-to-door sales, cold calling can be frightening for many small businesses. You have to market both yourself and your company when cold calling. If you (the person speaking to them) cannot sell yourself, people will not buy anything from you. While you’re on the phone, you cannot smile or have a face-to-face conversation, so people can be as caustic and brusque as they want (we’ve all done it). When dealing with potential consumers, however, cold calling forces you to think on your feet and encourages innovation and adaptation.

The Internet

An online presence is crucial for establishing a successful business. The marketing methods have largely remained unchanged over the last 50 years, aside from the emergence and rapid development of the internet. The minimum requirement for business establishments (even a small local café) is to have a website providing important information, such as location and hours. 

A good search engine optimization (SEO)-enabled CMS and social media presence are also required (Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts). Even though it may appear intimidating at first, publishing technology has evolved to a point that WordPress—one example of a free CMS—can meet all these needs. You can check out various webinars for marketing for small businesses. The internet can be your best friend. Take advantage of it.


All in all, there are a few important things that small businesses should do before starting their marketing efforts. Make sure you have a strong base of customers and followers, research your competition, and use the right techniques for your specific industry. If you follow these guidelines and execute them effectively, we’re confident that you will see great results from your Small Business in Red Hook, New York.

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