Teramind software review

What exactly is Teramind?

Teramind is a computer security and staff monitoring solution that has won numerous awards. It keeps track of what an employee does on their computers and protects the company from hazards such as data theft.

Companies can use Teramind to separate suspicious activities, identify potential security risks, and track staff productivity and efficiency. The tool also provides real-time notifications to the IT security team’s business owners, assisting them in reducing security incidents.

Teramind enhances network security by directing users to secure websites and platforms. Furthermore, the program blocks individuals or devices that it considers being a risk to the company’s integrity.

Teramind Features Overview

  • Analysis of Productivity
  • Analysis of Active vs. Idle Time.
  • Tracking of Printed Documents
  • View in real time.
  • Playback of the past.
  • Monitoring of apps and URLs
  • Logging of keystrokes.
  • Monitoring of e-mail.
  • Automated Behavior Rules are a type of computer programmed that automates the behavior of
  • Control your computer from afar.
  • Monitoring of messages in real time.
  • Tracking of files.
  • Integrations in project management.

Teramind Benefits Overview Flexible Deployment

Teramind is accessible as a cloud-based service or even as an on-premises installation. This allows businesses to select the deployment type that best suits their needs and fits within their budget.

Platform that can be customised

The flexible features of Teramind can be customized by the user. This enables enterprises to use function settings that are better suited to their work operations. Furthermore, the application can be customized to meet the needs of consumers.

Datacenters that are safe

Those that use Teramind Cloud may rest certain that their sensitive company information is in safe hands. The datacenters for the application are well-protected and PCI-compliant. This provides organizations with peace of mind, knowing that almost all sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.

Employee Monitoring in Real-Time

Employers can keep a real-time eye on their employees’ activities. The program allows them to stream what their employees do on their computers in real-time.

This feature also allows businesses and their IT departments to take control of the monitor. This assists the organization in guaranteeing how no information is communicated to a third-party in the event of a potential data leak.

Back of Employee Activity History

Companies can monitor their employees’ activity in real breaks at the end of the day or whenever they choose. Teramind runs in the background on the machines on which it is installed, recording all sorts of events, including keystrokes. Furthermore, the captured activity videos aid businesses in identifying policy violations. Teramind helps businesses ensure that their workers are attentive during work time by monitoring computers regarding potential security concerns. This allows managers to save time & expense on projects while also ensuring that personnel are not engaged in wasteful and unproductive behaviours.

App for Smartphone’s and Tablets

The Android app from Teramind allows supervisors complete visibility over their employees while they’re on the go. Employee productivity data, including application and online activity, live surveillance of the user’s desktop, and recorded sessions, may all be viewed through the app. Customers who already have the app can get it through the Google Play Store.

What Issues Will Teramind Address?

Insider Threat Detection – Organizations are at danger of having their data stolen as a result of digital data. Insider leaks can cause a company’s financial and brand harm while also jeopardizing internal systems and applications. The worst aspect is that the bulk of these data breaches might have been avoided.

rule violations:

  • Email is sent to a competitor by the user.
  • The user attempts to print sensitive information and then deletes the file.

The user saves files to a USB drive.

Teramind’s rule-based risk analysis will swiftly identify people who are violating corporate policies or putting your firm in danger. Any observable user behaviour can be used to define rules. For example, when a user sent it to a rival from a personal account, restrictions can be set up ahead of time to prevent this. All rules are entirely adjustable, allowing for simple setup as well as complicated configurations if needed.

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