Testsigma Automation Review: Open source magic

Testsigma Automation Review: Open source magic

What exactly is Testsigma?

Testsigma is a robust open-source test automation platform that works right out of the box and allows you to quickly create tests for web apps, mobile apps, and APIs. All of the features of a typical, fragmented test stack are consolidated in Testsigma‘s comprehensive platform.

  • Sign up for a free Cloud account with no setup required, or deploy locally using a Docker image.
  • Write test scripts in plain English or record user actions, which are then automatically translated into editable steps.
  • Run infrared-free tests on a variety of browsers and devices straight on the cloud
  • AI automatically updates unstable elements and test steps so you don’t have to maintain them
  • Check step-by-step findings & thorough reports created straight after your execution
  • Integrations with Jenkins JIRA, Slack, Trello, and several other technologies are available with a single click.

Review on Testsigma Automation

Testsigma is a good fit for automation as it can handle changing element IDs. Testsigma’s automation support is superb and its delivery approach is swift and really fast. It is possible for Testsigma to diagnose and supply patches within a few hours of being reported by its users, as well as provide excellent help to the user teams on their complicated issues, quickly resolving them or devising workarounds until they come out with a better solution.

Pros that we found out in TestSigma:

  1. It is entirely web-based and has a very user-friendly interface at the forefront.
  2. End-to-end test management is integrated in TestSigma, including robust reporting and assignment.
  3. TestSigma is Programming language agnostic for the most part, which is ideal for a team that has experience with a variety of programming languages or none at all.
  4. It enables the use of Selenium Web-driver expertise.
  5. Great integration with Slack, Email Notification, Jenkins, Browser Stack, Sauce Lab and Jira.
  6. Agile testing requires rapid automated test development for the online applications, rest services, and even mobile apps.
  7. Requiring the Chrome plugin to automate without using a script.
  8. Intelligent element locators that help the user(s) write more stable tests.
  9. Helps organize and perform tests in a variety of production and non-production scenarios.
  10. Excellent customer service and support is provided by the company.
  11. Test Run Scheduling feature is Built-In.
  12. TestSigma offers excellent support for quickly creating cross-browser tests.
  13. It allows for the usage of existing Selenium Grids, Browser Stacks, and even local machine testing.
  14. Detects impacted tests for a failed step automatically and skips them in a test run to save time.

Cons that we found out in Testsigma:

  1. The reporting on the platform is reported to be rigid. 
  2. Automated UI testing is not going to be as quick as expected and might take some more time to optimize.
  3. The Inability to link test suites together so that when one user finishes, the next begins. A fix exists, but it necessitates the creation of many simultaneous user accounts.

Testsigma is more than just a mobile testing platform

While mobile automation testing is one of Testsigma‘s strongest capabilities on offer, it is far from the only one that it boasts of. There are a plenty of automation tools with ready-made snippets offered, but Testsigma allows you to construct tests entirely in English. Testsigma is a more convenient method than others because it does not require any further training to its users and allows the members to get started straight away. Testsigma‘s API testing and data-driven testing approaches are way better because they are both efficient, optimized and feature-rich. With a great team, Testsigma should continue to evolve and experiment with new technologies in the same direction.

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