The Best QR Code API Generators For Business Cards In 2022: How To Choose?

The recent pandemic wave has revolutionized the interaction between a business and its customers and QR code is the main reason behind this. While businesses have been using QR codes for more than two decades now, it has taken the center of the stage, especially during this pandemic period.  

Nowadays, you will notice QR codes everywhere, whether it is in a shop for cash-free payments, or in a business card where you can scan and fetch the company information. It helps the companies and customers to stay connected. Are you wondering how a QR Code helps customers? The next part will give you the answer. 

How does a QR Code Benefit Customers and Businesses?

Are you wondering how a QR Code helps customers? Here is how:

  • Customers can scan your QR code and it will take them to the linked page. It may be your website, a particular page, or information about any event of coupons. 
  • The QR codes can give the customers update on the launch of any new product or even discounts. All they have to do is scan. 
  • Businesses can track the customer’s behaviors, locations, age, and gender and customize their services accordingly. 

Do you want to generate a unique QR code for your business card? You need not worry anymore because this article will give you all-round information starting from what do you need to look for in the QR code generator to the list of the best QR code generators. Continue reading to find out more! 

How To Choose The Best QR Code API Generator?

In the later part of this article, you will be presented with a list of the best QR code generators for your business card. Thus, before you get to choose the best software for yourself, you need to be mindful of certain attributes that you should look for in the QR code generator you choose. Here are the attributes:

  • You should be able to customize the colour, shape, logo, frames of the QR codes
  • The QR code can be scanned innumerable times
  • You should be able to edit the QR code anytime you want to
  • Create QR codes in bulk
  • Generate QR code that will be trackable in real-time
  • Should be able to provide security and the privacy of your data
  • The platform should be user-friendly and reliable
  • Active customer support team

Now that you are well-versed with the features of the best QR code generator, it is now finally time to look at the 7 best QR code generators in the market. 

The Best QR Code API Generator for Business Cards

Along with the names of the QR code generators, you will find other relevant information regarding the features and the pricing. Keep on reading!

QRCode Monkey

QRCode Monkey is a very multifaceted QR code generator that will generate code for your business card, a text, email, phone, location, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and even for any kind of event, PDF files, and Mp3 files. The best part about this application is that it is a 100% free QR code generator. 

Let us now look at the features QRCode Monkey offers:

  • You can edit your QR code anytime you want to. 
  • You can track your QR codes and get real-time insights
  • You can create and edit as many QR codes you want in a matter of seconds
  • You can even organize your QR codes in the campaign folders
  • You will also get several design options that you can reuse later
  • Unlimited scans for a lifetime 
  • You can download the QR code in HD quality 

Beanconstac’s QR Code

Beanconstac is considered to be one of the top QR code generating applications that will help you to create a QR Code along with a logo. Along with creating the QR code for your business card, you can create QR codes for several other things as well like call, SMS, email, text, your Facebook page, or even your restaurant menu! 

There are four different pricing options. It starts from $5 per month per user per 3 QR code generation and 25000 scans and it goes up to $99 per month per 3 users and you can create 500 QR codes for 500,000 scans. Here are its fascinating features:

  • You can edit the information of the QR code anytime to keep your customers updated about your business
  • You can connect the QR code generator with Google Analytics to get real-time insights like the user’s location, age, gender, interests, and even behavior
  • Get the reports on a weekly basis so that you can improve your services accordingly 
  • You can generate QR codes with retargeting capabilities online. This means that you can attract new customers and keep them hooked on your brand until they finally decide to buy your product
  • You do not need hours of coding to link your QR code to your landing page. You can customize all of the information using Beanconstac within 10 minutes 
  • You can print your QR codes in high quality and in different formats as well
  • This application has error correction that will check the logo’s contrast and check the scannability of that QR code and will tell you if it is good or bad
  • It has a QR Code API that will automate the creation of customizable QR code
  • You can generate QR codes in bulk
  • Get multilingual customer support anytime you want to 
  • Other than these, you can create a URL and domain name


Scanova is one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive QR code generators on this list. Not only can you create customized QR codes, but you can also manage and track the activity at the same time. 

Scanova offers three different price options – 

  • Lite – $15 per month to create 5 QR codes
  • Standard – $50 per month to create 20 QR codes
  • Pro – $100 per month to create an unlimited number of QR codes

Are you intrigued to know about its features? Here are the features:

  • You can create dynamic QR codes where the linked content can be edited, the code can be activated and deactivated anytime and tracked in real-time
  • You can design your QR code as you want with a logo and background 
  • You can track the scanning activities like geography, GPS location, date, and device information
  • You can link the QR code to a website, a particular page, contact information, etc
  • You can even create a mobile landing page for your product, any event, coupon or promotional page, etc
  • You can generate leads by capturing contact information and lead analytics

QR Code Generator 

QR Code Generator is another such QR Code generator that is extremely easy to use. If you are generating a QR code for the first time, you will find the answers to all your questions on their website itself. 

You can use this application for 14 days for free. The three price packages are

  • Starter package – $5.69 per user per month 
  • Advanced – $14.22 per 2 users per month 
  • Professional – $42.65 per month per 5 users per month 

Let us now look at the features:

  • You need not have a website to generate QR codes here. The QR codes in this application have built-in landing pages
  • Go colourful on your QR code and be as creative as possible
  • Not only can you track real-time analytics, but you can also export that data for CSV reports that can be shared
  • You can integrate QR codes before and add the content later when it is ready
  • You can label your QR codes to keep them organized 
  • You can add team members to your account and track their activity 
  • You can also create a custom made URL to stand out from the rest
  • Get 24/7 customer support 


Think of something you want a QR code for, QRStuff can generate all kinds of QR codes for you. Right from any business card to website URL to social media pages to zoom meetings and skype calls to WiFi login, you can generate QR codes for everything!

The price to use QRStuff starts from $11.95 per month if you are buying it just for a month. The other price options are

  • 3 months subscription – $9.99 per month 
  • 6 months subscription – $8.33 per month 
  • 12 months subscription – $7.50 per month 

Let us now look at the features:

  • You can create project folders according to the different QR codes
  • Create dynamic QR codes 
  • Get the vector output in terms of an analytic report
  • Create QR code in bulk
  • It is advertisement free
  • Design your QR codes 


The table given below will help you finalize which QR code generator is appropriate for you.

Category  Name of the QR code generator
Best free QR code generator  QRCode Monkey
Best QR Code generator in terms of features Beanconstac’s QR code
Best QR code overall  Beanconstac’s QR code and QR Code Generator

We hope that you were able to find the perfect QR code generator that will be appropriate according to your needs. Which one did you go for? Do let us know! 

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