Thunderbird email client alternatives in 2022

Emails, Emails, Emails! Take a quick glimpse into your daily work regime. One of the enormous headaches that any person has is finding that one crucial email in a pool of millions of others which might even be unnecessary. It is typically a humongous task to constantly keep checking your mail. Owing to most people’s disorganized mail folders, they usually spend huge loads of time categorizing and filtering out their Emails. 

To prevent all this mess and make your work easier, email management tools will take away that headache for you and you can incorporate it to remove any unnecessary hassles or problems. Email management tools are beneficial to use for your daily operations of periodically checking the email. Thus, no more checking hours and hours of email.

One such excellent email management tool is Thunderbird, made by the Mozilla foundation. In this article, you will get a deeper insight into Thunderbird and it’s potential alternatives as well. Let’s learn all about it in the next section.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla is one of the most renowned companies in the IT sector of the world. In 2007 they introduced an open-source email management platform that can be used as a cross-platform. Due to Thunderbird being a dominant email managing application, it is available in 65 different languages. Let us quickly look at some of its features and pricing.


  • Managing Messages – Thunderbird is an email management app integrated system for many email accounts, newsfeeds, newsgroups, etc. Features like advanced search and quick search toolbar make this app an upgrade to your typical mail applications. 
  • Expelling Junk – Thunderbird can easily segregate and remove all the junk and useless mail with various filters and detectors in the platform.
  • Linking big files – Comprising an enormous support system that can attach huge media sizes to the mail.
  • Coding support – HTML is an intelligent way of encrypting messages for email. Thunderbird has the required services that allow people to write and edit mail messages in HTML and similar languages.
  • Giving a makeover to your mail page – With many filters and pre-sets available, you can change the overall feel of your mail.
  • Various file support – Thunderbird can support a variety of formats that can be sent along with the mails.


Mozilla foundation’s Thunderbird application is an entirely free-to-use platform with open-source code. Open-code implies that everyone has access to the platform’s code for free, and they can edit and use the code according to their needs.

Now that you have learned about Thunderbird, it is now time to look at some of the best alternatives of Thunderbird. Continue reading to find out more. 

Alternatives to Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook

The IT giant Microsoft has been the Top dog in the industry for a relatively long time. Outlook is one of Microsoft’s creations, an independent email client connected to the MS office pack. A completely beginner-friendly platform, Outlook is a straightforward tool to use.


  • Categorizing and filtering out emails that are categorized as spam 
  • Scheduling email for future purposes
  • Setting rules and regulations for a mailbox
  • Viewing different types of mailbox items together
  • Instantaneous sharing of calendars


MS OUTLOOK is a paid product but the pricing varies depending on whether you want to use it for home or for your business. You will find various sub-categories in the price packages as well depending on the number of people who will use the application and the features you would want.    



  • Differentiating and categorizing types of mails that the user receives. The broad groups that Mailbird puts mail into are social (Instagram, FB, WhatsApp, etc.), spam, promotions, etc.
  • A powerful feature that Mailbird has recently added is linking the user’s LinkedIn account to the platform. It helps quick search the sender’s LinkedIn (if any) with a single click.
  • Snooze option – The constant sound of notifications is a very annoying thing to deal with when it comes to a mailbox. Mailbird has a different snooze option to turn notifications from a particular category.


There are two pricing options available for Mailbird – personal and business. You can choose either one of them and choose one-time payment or monthly payment. The price will vary according to the choice of payment as well as the features you want. 

eM Client 

eM Client is a lighter version of Thunderbird. It is a popular choice for Windows and Mac users. eM Client is both a personal and professional customer catering product.

This app is an integrated messaging app that works like any other social media.


  • An advanced email search and folder system with various filters can help you quickly filter out and search emails.
  • It helps in blocking spam emails and red-flagged mails.
  • One of the most vital aspects of this application is security; the conversations are encrypted and cannot be decoded by any mediator.
  • eM Client also has an in-built translator.
  • eM Client is a free tool which can be downloaded on all any platform


You will get a free version to use this application but you will not be able to utilize a lot of their features. The paid version is also available and you will get two options again – for individuals and for businesses. Pricing will vary according to the number of users and features as well. 


Spark is an intelligent E-mail app available on iOS and android devices. Design and features are what this application excels at. Currently available on all major platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, Spark is a perfect replacement for Thunderbird.


  • Filtering Junk – With the help of an advanced A.I technology, Spark has various mail filters that help identify and expel junk or spam mails.
  • Multiple files Supported – It supports a variety of media to be attached with the mail.
  • Advanced search – Spark has an integrated search system that helps you search emails using various aspects and options. It makes finding emails very convenient and swift.
  • Smart Inbox – This feature allows Spark to highlight unread emails and pinpoint new vital mails.


Other than the free version, there is only one paid version for using this application which is $6.39 per active user per month. 

In the next section, let’s analyze which applications suits you the best.  

Final Review

Let’s have a quick look at the suitability of applications via a tabular form.

ApplicationBest suited for 
ThunderbirdWorking professionals and college students 
EMclient Freelancers and client-based projects 
Spark Beginner friendly tool that can be used by anyone 
Mailbird IT professionals and technical fields 
MS OUTLOOK Personal to offical use 

By now, you must have a clear view of which platform is best for you. Do let us know!

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