Time Doctor Software review

Is What Time Doctor and How Does It Work? Time Doctor is indeed a remote company time tracking tool for employees. It has progressively grown in popularity since its inception in 2012, and many people trust it. Time Doctor is used by more than 83,000 firms worldwide, including the Business Bureau, Verizon, and the Thrive Market.

Our Time Doctor Program review will show you’re all of its amazing features so you can see how it compares against the competition.

Features of Time Doctor

Aside from logging working time, Time Doctor provides a number of useful features to assist you in keeping track of your remote staff. We put it through its paces to show you how it works.

Management of Projects

In only a few clicks, Time Doctor allows you to create projects but instead assign responsibilities. You can select a specific person, user group, or corporation to have access to each project. To provide you with even more management, the program lets you track who works on which project and how many hours they work per day.

Employee Timesheets

We uncovered a different desktop app for time and attendance when evaluating the tool for such Time Doctor Software review. The number of hours tracked for each work is recorded separately, while the total hours are presented above the interface. When tracking begins, you can remove the activity bar or add notifications.

Monitoring of Offline and Inactive Users

You still can work if the internet goes down since Time Doctor captures your activity offline. Once you’re back online, your time, as well as screenshots, will instantly sync. It reminded us about Hubstaff because it had similar features.

Inactivity is also eliminated by Time Doctor. If there are no words or mouse clicks for a specified amount of time, the time tracker will automatically cease. You can pause the timer manually or specify a time gap between monitored hours to take a break.

Editing and Idle Alerts

You could use Time Doctor Software to set alerts to help you be more productive by limiting the amount of time you can be idle. When the limit is reached, a popup will appear asking if you’re still working. If no response is received after 60 seconds, the timer will cease recording.

If this function is enabled, users can convert reported idle time to manually labor hours by clicking “Yes, I was working.” In the reports, this time will be highlighted in yellow.

Despite the fact that it appears to be a useful function, we choose to disable it. Users can manually change all of their working hours, lowering the reliability of the time they are tracking.

Activity Levels and Screenshots

This utility randomly captures the user’s computer screen. Three, fifteen, or thirty minutes can be specified as the time interval. Screenshots can be blurred to show the amount of mouse and keyboard activity.

Premium users can record their screens using Time Doctor. The app records films of a computer monitors and shows them in three-minute segments. Users can erase their screenshots, but somehow the work time linked with them will be lost.

Monitoring the Internet

You can uncover time wasters by tracking your employees’ online activities. Time Doctor keeps track of which websites, as well as pages, are visited, allowing you to see whether they are visiting any unproductive sites while working.

The nicest thing is how you can give each individual a distinct productivity grade. This is one of the best features of Time Doctor, according to every other user-written review. A site can be rated as Profitable, Neutral, or Unproductive by the project manager, and these ratings can be applied at multiple levels:


This policy applies to all Time Doctor Users.

The term

“company” refers to a single business.

The term “user group” refers to a specific group of people.


This term refers to a single user.

Employees that use social media in digital marketing will appreciate being allowed to do so. You can give them a “Productive” rating while the original company gives them a “Unproductive” rating.

Access to Clients

Time Doctor is indeed the greatest timesheet tool for demonstrating your clients how much work you’ve done. Customers can get white-label access for free if they are a premium subscriber. You have complete control over what your clients can see, including screenshots, reports, and recorded hours from Time

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