Top 100 Google Searches Keywords in 2021

Keywords in 2021 have been wondering what the most popular Google searches are and what the most frequently asked questions are, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently searched keyword terms on Google as part of our research.

 Our collection of top Google searches across categories provides a plethora of useful information. An annual list of the top trending searches in the United States is published by Google, providing readers with a glimpse into the collective id of Americans.

Rather than simply listing the most popular searches, these lists highlight the terms and phrases that people are looking for in this year’s search that they weren’t searching for last year. In effect, these searches reflect our most recent concerns, desires, and questions – those we were too embarrassed to discuss with anyone but Google.

Interestingly, many consumers prefer to search for well-known brands than type them directly into search engines. This is how common Google has become as a daily tool for us. The fantastic data research tool Ahrefs allowed us to find the 100 most searched terms globally in November 2021.

Search volume:

A certain keyword’s search volume is the number of times it is entered in Google every month. Our figures are based on an annual average since search demand for many keywords varies from month to month.

It’s no surprise that the lists are all over the place, but a few common themes emerge, giving us a glimpse of what it was like to be an American in 2021. This year, our search histories revealed our interest in alternative assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as well as our unease about the economy, as evidenced by inquiries about when we would receive stimulus checks and whether we would qualify for student loan forgiveness.

 We found that the cultural divide between millennials and Gen Z is evident in questions about what type of hairpieces and jeans were cool, as well as how to make TikTok pasta and Squid Game cookies.

Last but not least, after the Covid-19 vaccination became widely available in the United States, people went to Google to figure out how to go about being normal again when they attended in-person events and had to figure out what trousers people wore that weren’t sweatpants.


1) NBA

2) DMX

3) Gabby Petito

4) Kyle Rittenhouse

5) Brian Laundrie

6) Mega Millions

7) AMC Stock

8) Stimulus Check

9) Georgia Senate Race

10) Squid Game


1) Mega Millions

2) AMC Stock

3) Stimulus Check

4) Georgia Senate Race

5) GME

6) Dogecoin

7) Hurricane Ida

8) Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

9) Afghanistan

10) Ethereum Price


1) Kyle Rittenhouse

2) Tiger Woods

3) Alec Baldwin

4) Travis Scott

5) Simone Biles

6) Derek Chauvin

7) Morgan Wallen

8) Henry Ruggs III

9) Pete Davidson

10) Shailene Woodley


1) Alec Baldwin

2) Pete Davidson

3) Shailene Woodley

4) Gina Carano

5) Armie Hammer

6) Jake Gyllenhaal

7) Dave Chappelle

8) Bo Burnham

9) Olivia Wilde

10) Dog the Bounty Hunter


1) Indie

2) Dark academia

3) Cottagecore

4) Y2K

5) Sage green

6) Kidcore

7) Coconut girl

8) Kawaii

9) Harry Potter

10) Slytherin


1) Tiger Woods

2) Simone Biles

3) Henry Ruggs III

4) Odell Beckham Jr.

5) Aaron Rodgers

6) Giannis Antetokounmpo

7) Sha’Carri Richardson

8) Deshaun Watson

9) Christian Eriksen

10) Jake Paul

Celebrities Searched Together

1) Kim and Kanye

2) Bill and Melinda Gates

3) Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

4) Kanye and Jeffree Star

5) Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal

6) JLo and A-Rod

7) Tom Holland and Zendaya

8) Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

9) Ben Affleck and JLo

10) Selena Gomez and Chris Evans

Games Keywords in 2021

1) Among Us

2) Battlefield 2042

3) Resident Evil Village

4) Valheim

5) Forza Horizon 5

6) Madden NFL 22

7) Outriders

8) Pokémon Unite

9) Biomutant

10) Friday Night Funkin’

How to be Keywords in 2021

1) How to be eligible for stimulus check

2) How to be more attractive

3) How to be happy alone

4) How to be a baddie

5) How to be a good boyfriend

6) How to be a good kisser

7) How to be a flight attendant

8) How to be happy with yourself

9) How to be mindful

10) How to be romantic

Movies Keywords in 2021

1) Black Widow

2) Eternals

3) Halloween Kills

4) Mortal Kombat

5) Dune

6) Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

7) Godzilla vs. Kong

8) The Suicide Squad

9) Space Jam

10) In the Heights

Memes Keywords in 2021

1) Bernie Sanders’ mittens

2) Hamster

3) Twisted tea

4) Squid Game

5) Sheesh

6) Red flag

7) Dab me up

8) Trade offer

9) Vin Diesel family

10) Suez Canal

Musicians and Bands Keywords in 2021

1) Travis Scott

2) Morgan Wallen

3) Adele

4) The Weeknd

5) Dr. Dre

6) Olivia Rodrigo

7) Marilyn Manson

8) Daft Punk

9) Bobby Shmurda

10) Lil Nas X

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