Top 5 WordPress plugins for SEO

Search engine optimization is composed of many elements. If you own a site or want to create one, but have little or no knowledge of SEO, don’t worry. There are practical solutions for you. And they are none other than the plugins we are going to talk about here. These tools will be your lifeline when it comes to optimizing your website.

We ourselves now use a plugin to optimize our site. The goal is to use on your site all the options that will help you improve. These tools make life easier as they combine all the necessary functions to optimize your site. In addition, they automatically check and ensure that the content of your web page is correctly developed to rank high in search engines.

Why use plugins?

First of all, it is important to emphasize again the importance of optimization. When deciding whether or not to include SEO plugins on your site, consider that your competitors use them. Also, as much as we have knowledge in SEO, there are many variables to check thoroughly. The keywords (link), publications, the size of image files. Likewise, the readability of the content, broken links and much more. All this can be easily solved with these tools:

Yoast SEO

  • It is free and easy to access. That’s why it has a great popularity among users.
  • It has a simple interface that is easy to use.
  • It makes constant updates that improve the functions it has included.
  • It has a large educational community on its website. It offers tutorials of the plugin, as well as clarification of questions. It also offers courses and workshops on SEO.


  • It is free, intuitive and lightweight. Easy to implement for beginner users.
  • It contains everything that is required to fully manage the SEO of the page. It also imports all the data configured in Yoast SEO.
  • Includes a 404 monitor. This indicates where on the site there are errors.
  • Manage the on-page SEO of your posts, pages, products or other taxonomies.


  • It is fast, lightweight and ad-free. This is why it is popular with users.
  • It benefits users who care about maintaining high site speed.
  • Ideal for beginners thanks to its interface. For more advanced functions it can be combined with extensions.
  • Fulfills standard SEO functions. It also automatically creates titles, descriptions, canonical URL, among others.


  • Scans the posts and pages of your site and removes broken links.
  • It performs a permanent revision of the page. For this reason it is better to check and disable it so as not to affect performance.
  • Search and filter links, as well as monitor comments and custom fields. It also detects missing images and redirects.


  • It is freemium and ad-free. It is also simple, fast and powerful.
  • Track visitors to your site with Google Analytics in seconds.
  • Optimizes tags for social media content sharing. It also includes quick and easy Twitter and Facebook meta tags.
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