Top 6 Features That Every Sales App Needs

sales app features

Many businesses are considering embracing digital transformation in their sales departments. Others already have a mobile solution, but it is expensive to operate and lacks all of the elements required for a sales app. Do you want to know what features your sales app must have? Continue reading

The correct sales app features are becoming increasingly important, especially as more cheap solutions join the market to enable organizations of all sizes and budgets to level the playing field. Today’s solutions primarily focus on flexibility, communication, and automation. Also user-friendliness in order to give representatives and sales executives a more simplified, educated road to sales success.

sales app features

Keeping this in mind, there must be thousands of softwares and sales applications available on the market, each with its own set of features and quality. However, several essential sales app features should keep in mind while picking the finest among the rest.

Usability and Adaptability

To enable adoption by the entire team, the application should be straightforward and simple to use, adaptable and scalable. Only in this manner will you be able to make the most of it and ensure that all agents use it appropriately.

Moreover, it must be interactive and deliver the best possible performance to the client in order to create a wonderful brand image and provide the most information.

sales app features

On the other hand, it must be cross-platform and multilingual, able to be installed on a variety of operating systems and ensure correct functioning on any device owned by the firm.

Finally, the programme should be used when not connected to the internet. Your salespeople frequently have 3G signal problems. Due to service issues, avoid hanging them out to dry.

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Unrivalled Security

The issue with mobile devices is that they can be left anywhere and accessed by anyone. A good sales app will be secure, allowing your sales reps to avoid potentially damaging hacks and breaches. Sales apps will store sensitive data, and your customers rely on your company to keep that data secure.

unrivalled security

Any sales control app you use must have extensive security measures in place to ensure that your customer data is safe, even if misplace a mobile device.


Every sales app should utilize this feature. Not only does it geolocate the salesman, but it also optimizes sales routes and provides onsite report geolocation. Also recording the location, time, customer, kind of activity, and report contents.


This feature also makes it easier to analyze reports in the offices and provides access to customer and product management at any time and from any location.

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Management of Leads

Companies invest a lot of money, time, and other resources to get prospects into their sales funnel. However, few businesses have a solid, systematic procedure in place to handle those leads once they arrive.

Look for a sales tool that puts end-to-end lead management first. Your app should be able to track leads at their source. Allowing you to understand where leads are coming from and focus your efforts on channels that prove to be a source of quality leads. Then, using your sales software, you can assess the lead quality and rate each lead before forwarding it to a sales professional. As a result, the salesperson can always know where their best chances are and respond swiftly to leads who are ready.


Email follow-up is one of the most popular functions to automate. Prospects who are not sales-qualified or who have entered the sales funnel and are working their way down require a reason to stay in the conversation. Sales and marketing representatives can stay top of mind and encourage action by sending purpose-driven content via email. Which will generate more than 18 times the engagement of a generic email blast.


According to studies, more than half of users looking for a solution will choose the company that responds first. Because timeliness is critical, sales reps frequently automate outreach and follow up.

You have significantly increased your chances of closing the sale by responding as soon as a prospect contacts you.


This feature should link to a number of factors. First, the sales app should be adaptable and customizable to the corporate image. Second, it should be able to customize or create specific features based on the needs of each customer. Finally, it should be able to connect to any ERP in order to achieve automated integration. Which will save management time because no data will enter manually.

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When our goal is to increase sales, the sales app features to keep in mind when selecting any Sales app is that it should be developed by a professional team. That has the necessary industry know-how and experience and offers the maximum assurances when it comes to security and adaptability. Especially when achieving a proper integration between the app and the company’s current ERP. The application should be dependable, valuable, and adaptive; if this is the case, returns will be visible as early as the first year of use and deployment.

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